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🎉 Experience the Joy of RiiRoo™ Ride-On Cars – Personalisation, Upgrades & FREE UK Delivery! 🎉
🎉 RiiRoo™ Ride-Ons: Personalise, Upgrade & FREE UK Delivery! 🎉
Kids Maxdriftz Go Kart from RiiRoo

The Best Electric Ride-on Toys From RiiRoo for 2022

RiiRoo is proud to announce the release of the best electric ride-on toys for 2022.

They range from cars, motorbikes, quads, scooters, push-alongs and go-karts.

These fast little numbers are an awesome addition to any kid's toy collection. They're currently available in many different colours.

Each design has its own unique features!

Check out the benefits of ride on toys here.

Kids Electric Ride-on Cars

RiiRoo has the largest range of kid's electric cars in the UK. This means you will be spoilt for choice no matter what your child's preferences are.

You can find toy electric cars for just about any interest whether it be sports or even superheroes!

The vast majority of our ride-on cars come equipped with a push and release safety pedal, seat belts, and a remote control unit that allows you to override the in-car controls.

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S

Are you looking for that unique present for your child?

Then look no further... This wonderfully styled Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S kids ride on car with a parental remote control is the ideal present to give them.

Did you realise that this is the most common vehicle among parents, as well as our all-time best-selling ride-on car?

From the convenience of sitting in their own space, your kid can drive around in style.

Bentley EXP12

If your kid is weary of playing with the same old toys, give them a bolt of inspiration from our Licensed Bentley EXP12 Electric Ride on.

This electric ride-on car offers all of the style and amenities of its parent company's expensive motor at a great price.

Probably the most famous car in history because it is beautiful and contains the word "Bentley."

Not only does this look fantastic and run smoothly, but you also get Lambo Style doors with an integrated hydraulic swing arm for even more swoosh!

Audi R8 New Model 2020

The Audi R8 New Model 2020 kid's ride-on car will be a dream come true for the little guy or girl in your life!

With their first key in hand, youngsters are spoiled for choice between this and the Audi TT RS, which is its older sibling.

For many years, the TT RS has been our best-seller, but we're concerned that the R8 might soon take its place.

Kids Electric Ride-on Motorbikes

At RiiRoo we have a number of kid's electric ride-on motorbikes that you just have to see in person!

Some also come equipped with removable safety stabilisers, which means that they will be easy to use.

Take a look at the best kid's electric ride-on motorbikes for 2022.

BMW S1000RR 12V Motorbike

The BMW S1000RR Ride On Motorbike is the ideal motorbike for any biker, and every element of it has been replicated in this model, making it truly the finest ride-on vehicle we've ever seen.

This is a top-of-the-line, high-detailed exact replica from official and licensed by BMW that even comes with a genuine BMW key to activate the ignition noise and start-up engine sounds.

Vespa Licensed PX150 12V Kids Electric Ride on Motorbike

The Vespa Licensed PX150 12V Battery Electric Motorbike is one of our most popular ride bikes. With classic Vespa design and flair.

This is, without a doubt, a fashion icon. This 12V battery-powered motorbike is intended for the fashionable, fun-loving youngster in your life.

RiiRoo MXross Motorcross Ride-on Motorbike 6V

The RiiRoo 6V Battery Electric MXross Motorcross Ride-on Motorbike replica is almost identical to the genuine item!

It's ideal for an off-road newbie thanks to its ultra-high detail and deep-tread tyres, as well as functioning suspension.

Kids Quads and ATVs

As your kids start getting used to their little ride-ons, there becomes a time when they want to take more risks and cover much more difficult terrain.

That's where having a four-wheeler comes in handy, with big chunky tyres and two-wheel drive your children will be able to tackle any type of ground.

RiiRoo 24V Ride On Quad ATV Motorbike

Take a look at our newest line of RiiRoo 24V Battery Electric Quad ATV Battery Powered Quad Motorbike.

This 2-wheel drive powerhouse will provide your kid with spectacular performance and unending pleasure!

Off-road muddy, mucky fun is all that matters, and the cool 4WD technology and tires that have the grip and tread pattern of the big boys' ensure they'll be able to traverse urban areas with ease.

With the highly durable ATV designed for some of the greatest adventures, they'll be able to explore parks and sidewalks with ease.

VenomSV ATV Quad

Give your young driver a fun ride with this cool RiiRoo ATV electric quad bike ride-on toy.

This ATV, which is based on the real vehicle, can travel up to 5 kilometers per hour and is illuminated by LED lights and a Bluetooth music player.

This is an excellent birthday present for your kids because it is simple to operate the push-button start and slow-speed chunky foot pedals that stop instantly when released make it an ideal launching point for battery-powered ride-on toys!

OneATV™ | PX1S | 49cc | 2-Stroke | Petrol ATV Quad

Exclusive to our OneMoto collection, take a look at our OneATV™ PX1S Children's 49cc 2-stroke petrol quad bike with a maximum power of 1.25kw.

These next-generation quads are off the hook, with significantly more torque and power than their predecessors.

They're also considerably faster! This quad bike is far more powerful than its electric siblings and cousins, implying that it goes much faster and has twice as much fun factor.

This really is a high-quality machine that will endure thanks to an air-cooled engine and chain transmission.

Kids Go-Karts

2020 Mercedes Go Kart - Licensed

Game over! Pedal Go Karts has licensed the name of Mercedes to it, and if looks are anything to go by, the Mercedes Kids Pedal Go Kart is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pedal go-karts in our collection.

At least in my subjective opinion, it's probably the finest-looking pedal go-kart in our whole line.

RiiRoo MaxDriftz™ Electric Go Kart

RiiRoo's latest MaxDriftzTM 2 x 12V Electric Drift/Go Kart is the ultimate in customised kids' vehicles.

Not only does this appear to be the coolest ride we have (a little biased), but we're confident that your children will enjoy zipping around on it.

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