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Explore our diverse collection of cars and jeeps.


Explore our Range of Kids' Electric and Petrol Motorbikes

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View our lineup of children's ride-on UTVs & Buggys, including electric or petrol choices

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Explore our Range of Kids' Electric and Petrol Quads

Go Karts14

Explore our Range of Kids' Electric Drift and Petrol Karts


Browse our electric and petrol tractors collection here

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Explore our Range of Kids' Push Alongs

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Our Range of High Powered Electric and Petrol Ride Ons


Discover cutting-edge features in our ride on trucks collection

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Uncover the precision engineering and advanced features of our diggers and excavators.

Emergency Services34

Discover our selection of police cars, fire engines & ambulances.


Discover our collection of Electric & Push Scooters

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Discover our collection of Waltzers, Bumper Karts & more.


Discover our collection of Accessories.

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Our inventory includes the majority of brands available, including top names like Mercedes and more specialized hypercar brands like Pagani.

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Our Mission

Our Story

We RiiRoo, do sincerely swear that we are all about fun, kids, safety, adventure and the great outdoors. 

It is our mission to extract children from LCD screens and get them out the house... even if it takes 12-volts to do it!

We source, supply and maintain a hand-picked roster of the most exciting, durable, safe and affordable ride-on toys for kids big and small.

We are a (grand)parent's secret weapon, an arsenal of the finest electric scooters, ride-on cars, jet-fighters, tractors, Segways, dirt-bikes, mini-motos and petrol go-carts to suit budgets great and small.  We believe they'll thank us both when they're older!

Let's Get Them Active, Again!

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Here's The Difference Between Low/High Speed on Your Kids Ride On

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Here's How To Recycle Your Kids Ride On Toys

Here's How To Recycle Your Kids Ride On Toys

Ever wondered where all those missing tricycles, scooters, and pedal cars end up? In Ireland alone, children’s lost toys contribute nearly 500 tonnes of plastic waste each year—that's the equivalent of over 30 million plastic bottles dumped into landfills! As...

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