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6 Volt Ride on Toys

We are proud to offer a wide variety of 6 Volt Ride-On Toys and Cars that will bring joy to any child.

All of our cars use 6V, 12V, or 24V electric batteries and include a parental remote control.

At RiiRoo, we have a mission to encourage both inside and outside play.

Kids are spending too much time on their screens, so we felt the need to do something about it.

Toy vehicles are one way for children to have fun and play make-believe.

Kids tend to be captivated by realistic toy cars, so they can seamlessly pretend that they're driving.

Do your kids have a favourite colour?

The vast majority of our ride-on cars come in multiple different colors, shapes, and sizes.

So rest assured that your child will find the perfect car for them.

We want your kids to be safe!

Above all else, we take safety seriously.

We're so confident in our safety that we back all of our ride-ons with a 12-month manufacturers warranty

RiiRoo is the perfect place for your child to find their favorite new toy car.

All of our ride-on vehicles come equipped with safety belts and remote control for parents.

Our favorites out of this huge range are the small, safe cars that let kids enjoy themselves in your garden without going too far!

So how do you choose the best car for your child?

"Fun" should be the name of the game.

After that, the car must have practicality. If you know that your child will be running and playing outside, then it’s best to get a chassis with more suspension and ground clearance like a buggy or ATV.

If you want to match the car you already own to this new toy, (like the Mercedes, Audi, or Bentley), then we have a great selection of ride ons to choose from.

We sell the most popular brands and diverse models on the market.

The benefits of using a 6-volt battery over any other battery are numerous, including teaching your child about direction, speed control, and reflexes.

Licensed or Unlicensed?

Toymakers will provide licensing agreements for companies who want to use their badges, stickers, and other branding elements.

The meticulous care some of the manufacturers put into each product is amazing.

If a car, jeep, or bike is licensed, it will state its classification in the title and description of the product. If it is not mentioned in the title or description then assume that it isn’t a licensed toy.

Unlicensed toys are often marked with words such as “style” or “lookalike. This means the toymaker has replicated a particular brand, but they have not shown any badge or sticker relating to that brand.

Plus, they are typically sold for less!


One of the most common questions we receive is “what age is the car appropriate for?”

It’s sometimes hard to gauge how big our cars and bikes are in relation to the height of your child.

That’s why we display the dimensions and appropriate age range for each car or bike we sell.

Here are a few steps to help you decide:

Electric cars for children aged 0-2 years

We offer a smaller car for children as young as three years old. One of the benefits of our cars is that they all come with remote control.

Most of them come with two speeds (high or low).

Electric cars for children aged 2-4 years

As you can appreciate, children in this age group are the perfect age for these toys. They’re not babies anymore and can enjoy them to their full potential.

Young children have a better sense of motor skills during their early years, which means that each year they will be able to drive the car independently.

The joy of owning and driving these cars may be unparalleled, but they also come with some interesting bells and whistles.

The sound can be either lullaby, nursery rhymes, or music from a USB stick

When it comes to creating a playlist, the only thing you need to do is download your favorite tracks onto the USB stick.

Electric cars for children aged 5-7 years

As your little ones grow, they can handle more complicated toys or even share the experience with a friend or sibling. We sell cars that have two seats to accommodate this need when it's age-appropriate.

Note: These cars are larger in size and have additional power, so keep that in mind when testing.

Personalised Number Plates

Personalize your child's ride on their cars, bikes, and scooters with these high-quality self-adhesive number plate stickers.

The stickers are soft and not hard plastic which rots outside.

To personalise - add the name in the gift message section then leave the name/text that you require (9 letters inc spaces, numbers, and symbols).

Kids Ride On Car Assembly Videos

We are in the process of recording some kids ride on car assembly videos - This is a list of the videos from our "RiiRoo ride-on-car and toy" playlist.

If you have the time, take a look at our ride-on car promotional videos too!

Push Along Toys

Did you know that we now sell a collection of push along toys for very young toddlers? This toy is perfect for kids who like to pretend that they are in a car but still want the thrill of riding a real one.


We offer a premium next-day delivery on all orders, but only for UK residents that place their order by 1 PM. If you don't opt for this, then delivery will take approx 2 days.

If you live outside the UK, then delivery times will vary. Also, if you opt to have us assemble your toy for you, then delivery will take a bit longer.

If this is the case, then the toy will be assembled and tested to ensure its quality before shipping.

Note: Did you know that we also sell 6V battery chargers separately?

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