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Kids Electric Ride-On Cars with Leather Style Seat

Most kid's ride-on cars are manufactured with plastic seats. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with these seats. However, if you were looking for something a little fancier, you might want to consider Kids Electric Ride-On Cars with Leather-Style Seats.

The reason why these leather-style seats are great is that they make the electric ride-on cars a little bit more comfortable for the children riding on them.

Do I Need To Purchase The Seats Them Separately?

If your ride-on comes with plastic seats as standard, you will likely have the option to purchase leather-style seats. If you do, the plastic ones will be swapped out for the leather-style ones and will be placed in the same box your ride on will be delivered in.

Are They Made From Real Leather?

In our drive to be more economically friendly, the seats are classed as "leather-style". This means they are not classed as leather, but they do look like real leather.

Depending on the make or brand, some will have additional stitching and/or badges so that they are as authentic as possible while still being classed as leather-style.

It's also worth pointing out that the seats are made from a durable fabric, so they won't be falling apart on you anytime soon. They will provide your kids with fantastic seating for years to come.

Can I Get One With Real Leather?

Unfortunately, not. The option is "leather-style" only when you are purchasing from RiiRoo.

Can I Choose Different Colours?

No, unfortunately not. All of the kids ride-on cars come with leather-style seats in just one colour (which will be a default colour based on the model).