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Ride On's with USB Support

What Is a USB Port?

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) port is a method for connecting external devices to a computer. USB ports can provide fast data transfer and enough power to run many devices, such as digital cameras and MP3 players.

Many computers come with several USB ports, which are usually located on the back of the machine. Multiple USB hubs allow you to connect more devices without overloading your computer's internal circuits.

Why on Ride-On's?

Instead of your young one zipping around in silence, they will now be able to play their favourite tunes through the toy's inbuilt speaker system because most RiiRoo ride-ons comes with USB support!

This means you are able to plug USB sticks with music/sounds on them directly into the ride-on to play your child's favourite songs as they keep running around.

Check Before You Buy?

To ensure your toy has USB support, make sure you read through the toy's specs before you purchase.

If you still have questions, visit the manufacturer's website or contact them directly for more information! If you are purchasing from RiiRoo, the specification of each toy is listed below the description.