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Kids Ride On Toys Up to 8 Years Old | RiiRoo

If you are looking for the best electric ride-on toys for kids up to 8-year-olds then you have come to the right place.

At RiiRoo we have several kid's electric ride-ons for many different age groups, but for this collection, we will focus on the 8-year-old age group.

Parental Remote Control

Did you know that the RiiRoo offers a parental remote control for most of its ride-on toys? This implies you have the power to direct the toy's steering, acceleration, and braking.

This allows you to educate your youngster about safe driving techniques at an early age - when they're in something that can only go forward and backward, it's much simpler.

You won't have trouble pairing your parental remote since there's an audio and video tutorial on the RiiRoo website. Here at RiiRoo, we provide you with a convenient video after purchase to get your toy up and running quickly.

We've got you!

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We also offer a range of 2 seater ride-on cars (where 2 children can share)

Licensed or Unlicensed?

The distinction between licensed and unlicensed ride-on toys is that licensed ones have official labels, badges, and logos on them, while non-licensed ride-ons do not.

If you're looking for a last-minute present, licenced toys will most likely be preferred over unlicensed ones since they are more authentic - just as with the genuine thing! If you order from a different vendor, make sure their products are licensed and that they have the appropriate badges and stickers.

Personalised Number Plates

These self-adhesive number plate decals with a lot of detail may be customised to fit your child's electric ride-on vehicle or even their bedroom door. Fill out the gift note and provide the name/text you wish (9 letters including spaces, digits, and symbols) to personalise it.

Kids Ride On Car Assembly Videos

We are in the process of producing some kids ride on toy assembly videos - This is a list of our full collection of RiiRoo ride-on car and toy videos. Providing you with a helping hand when you need it. 


We offer a next-day delivery option on all of our products if you live in the United Kingdom and place your purchase before 1 p.m. For those who reside outside of the UK, there are various delivery times.

Also, if you choose to have the toy constructed by our staff, wait times will be longer.

If this is the case, then the toy will be assembled, thoroughly tested, and then packed ready to be shipped as soon as possible.