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RiiRoo Trikes

Enjoy Browsing our range of Trikes. Our Trikes are built to deliver the most fun and enjoyment with meticulous attention to detail.

We offer a wide range of trikes for your children to explore the world on their own.

You can find an option that is push-along or one with independent steering depending on their needs and level of independence.

Kids are naturally curious and as they grow, so does their desire to explore. A set of wheels will let them get out and see the world in a safe way.

The selection includes bicycles for kids varying in age or skill level to ensure that the perfect ride awaits them.

The touch steering makes things easy for kids, and you can switch the controller over to them when they're ready.

A safety bar can hold the child in place to prevent injury while a sun canopy is needed for protection from the elements.

You'll find a variety of colours and there's something for every budget.

Our three-wheeled designs are perfect for young children who need a little extra stability and lightweight electric scooters that are excellent for zooming along the pavement.

Even though these toys are small they pack a lot of fun and can be used in so many places.

Why are they such a good choice?

  • Convenience (You can pack this in the back of the car and transport it anywhere)
  • Performance (depending on which Trike you choose, they are seriously fast)
  • Comfort (depending on the speed and the type of Trike, your child should be able to navigate many different surfaces with ease)


Although these trikes take a bit of practice and are quick to learn how to use, we always advise you to adopt a safety-first approach.

For that reason, we would advise that your child wear a safety helmet, elbow and knee pads, and sensible footwear before jumping onto a trike.

Depending on the age of your child, you should supervise their use of a trike.

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