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Replacement Parental Remote Control For Kids Ride-on Toys

Whether you have purchased a new ride-on toy and need an additional remote control unit or you are looking for a replacement.

We have a selection of remote controls for sale suitable for kid's electric ride-on cars, motorbikes, quads, go-karts, tractors, and scooters.

The great thing about most kid's electric ride-on toys remotes is the fact that they are compatible with several other ride-on toys. However, you would need to double-check with the retailer whether the remote control will work with your toy before purchasing.

The parental remotes are a fantastic add-on with all RiiRoo ride-on vehicles since they allow the car's controls to be enabled/disabled at any moment.

With our ride-on vehicles, we currently provide 7 distinct models of parental remote controls that may be purchased separately from our website.

All remotes work in a similar way, however, not all controllers are cross-compatible with other vehicles. As a result, we've named the remotes to help you figure out which model you have.

How do you Pair a Remote Control to a Toy?

Please watch our video below that helps you pair your remote control.

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