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Our Story

RiiRoo: A Playful Legacy

Explore our story and discover the passion behind our brand.

Chapter 1

The Genesis of RiiRoo

Once upon a time, in a world where screens hadn't yet taken over, children roamed free in the great outdoors, basking in the sun and creating memories to last a lifetime. In this bygone era, the only tablets kids knew were fudge treats and the occasional vitamin.

It was during these nostalgic times that our founders, driven by the love for their own children, embarked on a quest to revolutionize the way kids play. Their mission? To build a company that would help children escape the clutches of screens and rediscover the joys of the outside world through sports, ride-on toys, and good old-fashioned fun. And so, in 2015, RiiRoo (pronounced ree-roo) was born.

Chapter 2

The RiiRoo Time Capsule

2015: Humble Beginnings

RiiRoo starts as a seller on eBay & Amazon, sparking a new era of outdoor play.

2015: Safety First

Becomes the first importer of Safe & UK Tested Hoverboards, ensuring fun without compromising safety.

October 2016: Launch

RiiRoo's official website is launched, giving customers a dedicated platform to explore our exciting world.

2018: The Makeover

RiiRoo's website gets its first redesign, enhancing user experience and staying current.

2019: Expansion & Customization

New product line focus, website redesign, and introduction of number plate personalization options for a unique ride experience.

2020: Empowering Customers

Emphasis on helpful video content, from assembly videos to how-to guides, and expanding helpdesk content for a smooth customer experience.

Early 2021: Revamp 2.0

Redesigned website launch, providing faster, more intuitive, and easier navigation, reflecting the seamless fun we aim to offer.

2021: Help Content Galore

Major focus on providing helpful content to empower customers and make their RiiRoo journey as smooth as possible.

September 2021: High-Powered Toys

Introduction of a new high-powered product line, offering even more thrilling adventures for young explorers.

End of 2022: YouTube Milestones

500 YouTube videos uploaded, reaching 5 million views, as our message of outdoor fun and adventure spreads far and wide.

March 2023: Industry Pioneers

First in the category to introduce a Video Call Showroom Service, further enhancing customer experience and bringing our world closer to theirs.

Chapter 3

The RiiRoo Crew Chronicles!

Before you dive into this wild ride of the RiiRoo Crew's adventures, there's something you need to know. In the enchanted land of RiiRoo, everyone gets to dabble in everything, all in the name of serving our amazing customers. That's right, we're like a curious bunch of bees buzzing around, constantly learning and expanding our knowledge, and let's face it, having a blast!

Now, let's meet the marvelous team members who are the lifeblood of this magical kingdom. But, hold up! The list below is not based on value, dear reader (because we're all priceless gems, obviously). Instead, it's organized by seniority. And, just to keep things interesting, the legend who coded this very page, Vatan, is right up top! Why, you ask? Well, because he can!

Alright, buckle up, grab some popcorn, and get ready to laugh, because this wild ride through the RiiRoo Crew Chronicles is bound to be a side-splitting journey you won't forget!

Cheese Incoming!


Vatan - "Digital Dynamo and Pixel Tamer" 🧙‍♂️🖥️

In the mystical world of RiiRoo, Vatan reigns supreme over both digital and pixel realms. He weaves enchanting web experiences and sprinkles magic dust on our software. When he's not harnessing the power of tech, he's our go-to guru for the juiciest tech trends. Vatan's mastery of the digital arts knows no bounds, and it's rumored that he can control the internet with just a wave of his hand. 🌐 His secret? No-one knows! 😂

Joke: Why did Vatan refuse to work with analog technology? He couldn't find the right wavelength! 📡😂


Vigan - "Procurement Prodigy and Spreadsheet Magician" 🎩📊

Vigan is our wizard in the enchanted world of Supply and Operations. He effortlessly balances supply with demand and has an uncanny ability to sniff out the best deals. Vigan's love for spreadsheets is legendary, as he conjures up the most mesmerizing ones to keep us spellbound. His mastery of numbers and keen eye for detail make him an extraordinary member of the RiiRoo Crew. 🧲

Joke: Why did Vigan cross the road? To get a better deal on the other side! 🛍️😅


Valon - "Returns & Repairs Alchemist and Heart Mender" 💔🔧

In the kingdom of RiiRoo, Valon is renowned for his magical touch that transforms frowns into radiant smiles. His uncanny ability to heal both ride-ons and hearts makes him a cherished presence. With a flick of his wand, Valon ensures that our customers are floating on cloud nine with their RiiRoo experience. ☁️

Joke: What's Valon's favorite spell for fixing ride-on toys? "Restorio Ridonio!" 😄⚡


Teni - "Customer Service Sensei and People-Pleasing Ninja" 🥋🤗

Teni has a black belt in diplomacy and a heart that overflows with pure gold. This stealthy ninja is always ready to swoop in and save the day, ensuring our customers feel like royalty. Teni's mastery of the art of people-pleasing is a testament to her commitment to spreading happiness throughout the RiiRoo realm. 👑

Joke: What does Teni wear to provide top-notch customer service? Her "smile" camouflage! 😁🌟


Vullkan - "Component Connoisseur and Ride-On Whisperer" 🔧🏎️

Vullkan is our Parts Specialist extraordinaire, boasting an encyclopedic knowledge of all things ride-on related. With a keen eye for detail and an unmatched understanding of the inner workings of our toys, Vullkan ensures that every ride-on gets the perfect part it needs. He's the Sherlock Holmes of the RiiRoo universe, always ready to solve the most puzzling ride-on mysteries. 🔍

Joke: Why did Vullkan become a ride-on expert? He's always been driven to succeed! 🚗😂


Ashley - "Client Care Commander and Empathy Expert" 💂‍♂️💟

Leading the charge in the battle to make clients happy, Ashley is our Customer Service Assistant Manager who wields both strategy and empathy with equal skill. His unique blend of tactical prowess and a heartfelt understanding of our clients ensures a seamless experience for everyone, making him the ultimate champion of customer satisfaction. 🏆

Joke: How does Ashley keep our clients happy? With a heart full of empathy and a never-ending supply of dad jokes! 🤣💕


Des - "Marketing Maverick and Creative Conjurer" 🎨🔮

Des is our Marketing Wizard, a creative genius with a sixth sense for what makes people tick. When he's not crafting captivating stories that enthrall audiences, he's usually cooking up another mind-blowing marketing campaign. Des's enchanting ideas and extraordinary creative flair make him an irreplaceable member of the RiiRoo team. 🌈

Joke: Why did Des become a marketing magician? He wanted to put the "fun" in "funnel"! 🎭😄


Guntis - "Repairs & Dispatch Demigod and Shipping Strategist" ⚡🗺️

Guntis, our Repairs & Dispatch Superstar, is the mastermind behind ensuring ride-ons are fixed efficiently and shipping deadlines are met. With lightning-fast decision-making skills and unwavering determination, Guntis coordinates the entire process, making sure our customers receive their orders on time. He's the Captain America of the RiiRoo universe - steadfast, reliable, and always ready to take charge. 🦸‍♂️

Joke: What does Guntis say when he successfully manages a complex shipping order? "I've got it all mapped out!" 🌍😆


Paul - "Logistics Luminary and Delivery Deity" 🚛🌟

As our Dispatch Superstar and master of logistics, Paul ensures that our products are always on the right track to reach their destination on time. With the precision of a Swiss watch and the strategic mindset of a chess grandmaster, Paul oversees every shipment like a finely tuned symphony, making sure everything runs like clockwork. 🎼

Joke: Why is Paul the ultimate logistics expert? He's always in the right place at the right time! ⏰😁


Kayleigh - "Customer Evangelist and Brand Devotee" 📣💖

As our Customer Evangelist, Kayleigh is the shining beacon of love and support for all our clients. She's the one who spreads the good word of our company and helps turn satisfied customers into devoted brand followers. Kayleigh's unwavering commitment to our customers and infectious enthusiasm make her an invaluable member of the RiiRoo family. 🌟

Joke: What's Kayleigh's secret to sharing the RiiRoo love? She's always on "ride-on" time with her enthusiasm! 🕰️😂


Josie - "Parts Specialist and Customer Service Superstar" 🔧⭐

As our Parts Specialist and Customer Service Superstar, Josie is the go-to person for all things parts-related. She uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to help customers find the perfect parts for their needs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Josie's dedication to our customers and her ability to solve even the most complex parts puzzles make her an essential part of the RiiRoo family. 🌟

Joke: Why is Josie always the life of the party? Because she knows how to "part" together the perfect celebration! 🎉😂

Together, RiiRoo's dedicated team, rich history, and unwavering commitment to bringing joy, safety, and adventure to children everywhere have made us the go-to destination for parents and grandparents seeking the perfect ride-on toys. With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of humor, and a heaping spoonful of passion, we continue to empower children to live their best lives—outside the confines of screens.

Join the Magical RiiRoo Team! 🧙‍♀️🏰

Graphic Designer & Photographer 🎨📸

Are you a master of visual storytelling with an eye for captivating designs and mesmerizing photographs? As our Graphic Designer & Photographer, you'll delve into the world of enchanting visuals, creating stunning graphics and capturing the essence of our products through your camera lens. Join us in our quest to make the RiiRoo universe a more vibrant and colorful place! 🌈

Joke: Why did the graphic designer and photographer join RiiRoo? They wanted to capture the magic in every pixel! 🧚‍♀️📷

Videographer & Editor 🎥🎬

Do you have the power to weave tales of wonder through the medium of film? As our Videographer & Editor, you'll create mesmerizing videos that showcase the charm and excitement of our ride-on toys. With your expert editing skills, you'll bring stories to life and captivate audiences across the RiiRoo realm. Lights, camera, action - it's time to make some movie magic! 🍿

Joke: Why did the videographer and editor join RiiRoo? They wanted to create "reel" magic! 📽️😄

Web Developer & IT Wizard 💻🔮

If you possess the mystical art of creating seamless digital experiences and taming the wildest of technology, we need your sorcery! As our Web Developer & IT Wizard, you'll wield your coding prowess to enhance our website's enchantment and ensure our technology runs smoother than a magic carpet ride. Join us, and together we'll conquer the digital world! 🧞‍♂️

Joke: Why did the web developer and IT expert join RiiRoo? They wanted to put the "byte" in our enchanting world! 🌐😉

Warehouse Operator 📦🏭

Are you a master of organization with a keen eye for detail? As our Warehouse Operator, you'll be responsible for ensuring our warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine. Your expertise in inventory management, order fulfillment, and overall efficiency will be vital in helping us deliver happiness to our customers through our amazing ride-on toys. Get ready to make a big impact in the RiiRoo universe! 🌟

Joke: Why did the Warehouse Operator join RiiRoo? They wanted to "box" in some fun! 📦😄

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