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RiiRoo Kids Electric Quad Bike

Are Kids Electric Quads Any Good?

Like many tools, boats, cars, motorbikes, and quad bikes the world is making the transition away from petrol to electric.

Not only is this great for the environment, but it's also cheaper to run, doesn't make as much noise, and some are even arguing that they are safer. father and son looking at tablet

But Are Electric Quads Any Good?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, they are just as good, if not better than petrol-powered quads.

They are cheaper to run, easier to maintain, and you don't need to be 16 years old with a full license to ride them.

Why Are Electric Quads So Good?

Electric quads have no emissions which are great for the environment, they have excellent torque which means they can climb steep hills easily, they're easy to use and very simple to maintain.

Not only that but they're quiet too which makes them perfect for kids just learning how to ride quad bikes in the backyard.

More Efficient

Electric Quads are so efficient that they don't even need a transmission. This makes them even quieter but also means you might not be able to go as fast as you'd like. Don't worry, the faster versions will still let you reach speeds of up to 48km per hour.

Great Power and Great Torque

Electric vehicles have excellent torque, just like petrol vehicles do however this is one area that electric vehicles really shine.

Electric quads can practically climb any hill and offer great acceleration too. However, it's important to note that if your kids like crazy power and speed then an electric quad may not meet their requirements 100%. The fastest ones will still go approximately 45km per hour.

Better For Your Health

There is nothing more important than our health. Especially that of our kid's health. 

Electric vehicles don't generate any emissions at all, and they're also very quiet. This makes them a lot healthier for you, your kids, and even the environment.

Easier to Maintain

Very few moving parts

The fact that there are very few moving parts on electric quads means that they are generally easier to maintain.

All you need to do is make sure you charge the battery when it needs charging and don't overcharge it. It is always good practice to check the tyre pressure before heading off somewhere.

Less expensive repair bills

Not only are electric quads easier to maintain, but they're also a lot cheaper to maintain.

Since there are very few moving parts on them, any repairs that you do will be much less expensive than they would be with a petrol-powered quad.

No Need For A Licence Or Permit

You don't need a special license or permit for an electric quad because there is no engine.

Electric quads can be driven at any age by anyone who has taken a safety training course.

Depends Where You Are Going?

If you plan on riding your Electric Quad on the road, then it's important to check out local laws as they do vary from county to county.

But If You're Just Riding In Your Backyard?

Then there are no restrictions whatsoever and you can let your kids go nuts!

What Are The Downsides Of Electric Quads?

Well, the only downside is that battery technology doesn't yet allow us to go much further than 30km at full power before we need to recharge them again.

However, this can be combated by buying spare batteries so you can just swap them over quickly when one runs out. Or you could get a model with a longer range, although this will cost you more of course.

What are the Best Electric Quad Bikes?

The best electric quad bikes are those that are built for kids. Generally, the ones made specifically for younger riders are smaller in size which makes them much easier to control and also lightweight making them easier to lift if they tip over.

Just like petrol-powered quads, electric quads come in a range of different shapes and sizes.


Note: ATV Quad in the video is a VenomSV ATV Quad.

Like anything you buy, the more expensive you go the more bells and whistles it will have. Some kids' electric quads even come with MP3 connectivity so they can plug in their smartphones to listen to their favourite music while riding.

Others will offer more power, and by that, we mean a higher wattage.

The highest wattage you can currently get for a kid's electric quad bike is 1500watts. There are more powerful ones, but this is about the limit for an electric quad.

As expected, the more wattage you have the more power it will give you, and the faster your kid's quad will be.

Eventually, though, they'll reach a speed where they are too fast for them to handle so it's important to monitor their progress as they go up in speed levels until they find something suitable.

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