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Benefits of Ride on Toys For Your Child

Benefits of Ride on Toys For Your Child

There are so many things we need to teach our children and to be fair, we need all the help we can get.

Not only is it our job to keep them safe. We also need to help them with their personal development which includes self-confidence, the ability to share and explore their imaginations.

It’s amazing how much children learn when they are playing. That’s why schools encourage it so much these days.

It not only helps with their motor and cognitive skills, but it also helps them develop social and emotional skills too.

One useful tool that can be used and not always appreciated are ride on toys. We think of them as just toys, but they encourage a variety of different aspects of a child’s learning, imagination, and exploration.

Here are a few benefits of ride on toys:

Encourages physical activity

If I’m honest, this is probably more relevant to tricycles or bicycles. Pedal power means a child doesn’t just rely on the battery to power movement. It also means that they have to put plenty of effort in themselves in order to get the bike or tricycle to move.

Not only does this encourage physical activity, but it also helps them build up strength in the lower body (specifically their legs).

Even with our battery operated toys depending on the terrain, they are going across, they still need to use their muscles to turn the wheel to go over rough terrain, uneven surfaces and making sure to avoid obstacles.

Fosters Their Sense of Exploration

Fosters Their Sense of Exploration

At RiiRoo we encourage indoor play, we also think it’s a good idea for children to get out and about as often as possible. In fact, there’s so much more they can do outside rather than being cooped up inside.

Outdoor play without a shadow of a doubt builds up children’s confidence.

Instead of playing on their own at home, by playing outside they get to explore and meet new friends. This encourages their sense of exploration and adventure.

Ride on toys aren’t the only answer, but we feel they are the main catalyst in promoting outside play.

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Helps Develop Their Sense of Balance

Toys like bicycles, scooters and pogo sticks all help children develop their sense of balance. Without knowing how to balance properly they can’t play with any of these toys.

The great thing is, by developing their balance at such an early age will undoubtedly help later on their life.

Whether they are skiing, skating, skateboarding or surfing. Getting a good grasp of their balance as children will give them an added advantage if they are looking to compete in sports when they older.

Enhances Their Spacial intelligence

The vast majority of child development specialist agree that toys help develop children’s spatial intelligence. This means having a grasp of the area around them and knowing how to navigate it.

When children play outside with toys they constantly have to evaluate their space, obstacles and know when they are near danger.

These obstacles aren’t always obvious from afar and often times can’t be explored from a distance. Most children need to get up close to get a better understanding of it.

Encourages Group Play

Even though a lot of people are trying to dumb down competitiveness in children at the moment. We still think they need to develop some form of a competitive streak.

As you know, life isn’t always fair, nor is it all rainbows and fairies. It can be hard sometimes and children need to be able to develop a competitive streak whether as parents we like it or not.

As we mentioned earlier, playing with toys outside increases a child’s confidence. Not only do they get to interact with other children, but they also get to develop communication skills and the ability to cooperate.

This will definitely help them later on in life when they enter the workforce.

Sparks Creativity

From childhood to adulthood most of our creativity and imagination is unfortunately socialised out of us.

What do I mean by this?

When we are younger, we are encouraged to use our imagination and dream. As we go through our schooling years, we are taught to be less individual and that it's more important to just fit in.

When you provide a ride on toy to your child, you can literally see their face light up as they start imagining the possibilities and excitement they are going to have.

Most will be in dreamland as they play with their toys and will dream up several different scenarios for not just for themselves but also for their playmates too.

Builds Self Confidence

Every parent wants their kids to exhibit a certain amount of self-confidence. The thought of them cowering in the corner or refusing to make friends due to shyness is every parent's worse nightmare.

Playing with ride on toys allow your child to come out of their shell. They can start with the basic toys and then advance into the more sophisticated. They develop really good people skills and the confidence to interact with other children in the neighborhood.

Learn To Become More Responsible

With every new situation comes its own problems. If kids don’t follow the rules they could get hurt.

That’s why it is good to show your child the different traffic rules and possible dangers they could face if they don’t pay attention to their surroundings at all times. In essence, you are teaching them to be more responsible and to follow the rules you have laid out.

Even though most toys are safe, if you don’t lay down some ground rules kids could hurt themselves or put placed in danger if they don’t handle the toy properly.

Again, not only will they need to follow rules now. To be part of our broader society they need to follow certain rules laid out by teachers, bosses and even written rules and laws.

Otherwise, they could hurt themselves or place others in dangerous situations. Learning this at a early age is key and part of the overall personal development.


There are many other benefits that I haven’t listed here that help your child develop and grow up to become a responsible adult.

The most important thing to remember is that you buy the appropriate toy for the age your child.

Most toy sellers will point out what age the toy is appropriate for. If they haven’t listed in the marketing material or on their website, then simply call or send them an email and ask.

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