Best Spring Activities To Do With The Kids

It's that time of year again when Spring is in the air. You can finally spend some quality family time outside with the fam. 

Of course as kids we love to just play in our own backyard or at a park but there are also tons of fun activities for families looking to get out into nature.

Plant your very own garden

This activity will help teach your children about gardening while they explore their creativity with planting flowers, veggies - whatever plants grab their interest! The best part? You'll have fresh produce all summer long (and maybe even throughout Autumn if you play your cards rightl)! And don't worry if you're not an expert gardener because Gardening 101 courses exist everywhere from books to good ole YouTube videos, so it won't be hard finding information.

Enjoy Nature in Your Garden

Enjoying nature in the garden sounds like a dream. Creating your own oasis is a must if you want to rally enjoy the garden after multiple lockdowns.

Imagine creating this peaceful place with singing birds, colorful butterflies and beautiful plants.

It may sound too good to be true but it's easier than you might think once you start carrying out some basic research online.. 

Go on a Daffodil or Bluebell Hunt

Head to a nearby park or forest and go on the most magical flower hunt.

It's nice to leave some flowers growing for next year, but it’s even better when you count them all! How many daffodils do you have? What about bluebells?

Look around as much as possible while counting because there are so many hidden gems out here in nature that aren't always easy to find.

Visit a Pet Farm

This is the perfect time of year to visit a pet farm. After all that cold winter, it's great opportunity for kids to get out and see some animals.

For once you're allowed to play with them instead of just watch from afar. Bring your camera so you can capture these first memories for years later when they grow up.

Now we finally have fresh air on our skin and green grass underfoot; it feels good doesn't it?

Feeding baby lambs or holding little chicks will always make children happy. This is great for their overall wellbeing. 

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Go For a Spring Walk

Spring is here and it's time to get outside! We can find signs of spring in the trees that are budding, new flowers blooming or baby lambs. 

Waste Walks 

The term “waste walks” must sound really odd to a lot of people. However, one nursery that came up with this idea encouraged kids to collect three pieces of rubbish from the street on a daily basis and put that rubbish in the bin. 

This was their way to encourage them to do their bit in looking after the environment.

Now, there's no reason why you couldn't do the same with your kids. You don't need to do this every day as this would be impractical, but every now and again, get them to pick up litter in your neighbourhood. Not only does this educate them not to litter, but it also keeps your surroundings clean (especially if more people did this with their kids after seeing your example).

Paint Spring Pictures

Let's get out the art materials and paint some spring pictures together! Ask your child what they think they can see in springtime, then let them choose one or more things to use. 

Maybe he/she would like a scene with lots of fun items from that time period- rainbows are always awesome too.

Grow Eggy Cress Heads

Plant some cress in empty egg shells to grow an eggy experience! This is the type of activity you guys can do together  and they’ll absolutely love it.

It’s really easy, you just need a few items like kitchen paper or cotton wool and an empty egg shell. Plant the cress seeds into the dirt-less medium of choice inside the half-shell then wait for them to sprout. 

Once they start popping up through cracks that form on their surface, place them outside where there is sun exposure so that those little green shoots have room to stretch out. As they grow taller they’ll start chomping down nutrients from soil beneath which are readily available at ground level.

Press Flowers

If you have a flower press then that’s great, but if not, all you need is some sheets of paper and very heavy books. 

Find flowers in the garden or nearby park/woods to gather just enough for your project; you don’t need many. Put them between two pieces of paper and halfway under some heavy books. Go ahead tighten up those papers with whatever's on hand - binder clips will do nicely.

Get Colouring

Colouring in is a simple and fun activity for kids of all ages. It can be therapeutic, help with memory recall or creative thinking skills, as well as helping them improve to focus. Colouring in also helps kids develop their fine motor muscles and learn about colors instead of just sitting there watching TV! You should definitely get your children some crayons today. It’s a cost effective way to keep them occupied for hours.

Read Some Classics

As a parent, one of the best ways to inspire your child's love for reading is by exposing them to books that you loved when you were their age. Hans Christian Andersen has some great fairy tales and picture books if they're not ready yet! Once they are at an appropriate level, get started with chapter book series like Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mysteries.


Go for a Family Cycle

Children love to cycle - it's fast and fun, and gives them freedom of movement. And, you don't need to wait until your kids become old enough as there are many toys and bike additions available.

The most important thing when cycling with very young children is safety- first and foremost. Make sure everyone has proper bike equipment such as helmets (yes even babies!), appropriate clothing including water resistant jacket or poncho if necessary; gloves etc., good lights so people can see them at night, plus plenty of snacks for energy during those longer outings!

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