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Check Out Our Range Of 24v Ride On Toys

Our 24V ride-on vehicles allow your kids to use their imagination and transport themselves into another world. More realistic cars make it easier for them to dream and imagine.

RiiRoo has created a 24V Collection of ride-on cars and motorbikes, a complete line of toys that will encourage kids to get off the screens and experience the outside world for themselves.

Do your kids have a favourite colour?

If they do, this won’t be a problem. The vast majority of our ride-on cars come in multiple different colours shapes and sizes. Unless we’re talking about an obscure colour that is?

No matter which kid we're talking about, they'll find something in our range of 24V vehicles.

There's such a large range of colours to choose from, they really won't have a problem at all.

We want your kids to be safe!

All of our ride-ons come with safety belts and remote control for parents, so you can take over at any time.

What we like most about these cars is that they are safe and will allow your kids to enjoy themselves in the garden without them wandering too far.

So how do you choose the best car for your child?

The car that will provide the most fun is going to be a difficult choice because there’s something about each one of them that appeals to us.

The car will also need to be sturdy enough to take the wear and tear that children will put it through.

The one you choose should also be able to grow with your child, so they don’t outgrow their toy too fast.

If the car is going to be used outside then it might be best to go for a UTV/ATV or buggy.

You want to be sure it has a good enough range of movement and that it is going to be able to cope with the terrain.

But all is not lost if you were looking to match your car's make (like Mercedes, Audi, or Bentley) with this new toy. As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

We offer a wide selection of the most popular brands as well as other models available on the market.

There are many benefits that may never have crossed your mind, but these include developing a sense of direction, mastering speed, and improving reflexes.

Licensed or Unlicensed?

A licensed toy sold by any retailer means they have the brand’s blessing to use their badges, stickers, and exact styling. Often, it is really hard to distinguish between the toy and the real thing.

If you purchase a toy without the retailer’s branding, you can be sure it is an unlicensed version. This means the manufacturer doesn't have a licensing agreement to sell the toy.

A licensed toy will have the full blessing of the car company and will be allowed to use the company’s logos, badges, and trademarks.

We offer a wide selection of licensed and unlicensed brands for you to choose from.

The attention to detail some of the manufacturers give to each product is astounding.

If a car, jeep, or bike in the 24V collection is licensed then it will state it in its title or description. If you see any toy that doesn’t include this information then you can assume it isn’t licensed.

An unlicensed toy will have the words "style", "lookalike" etc. This means a manufacturer has produced something that looks similar to but is not affiliated with, the licensed brand.


One of the most frequent questions we receive is “What age is the car appropriate for?”

Oftentimes it's really hard to gauge how big our cars and bikes are in relation to the height of our child.

Height is a quick way to gauge which car or bike will be appropriate for them.

A toy that’s too small can lead to frustration, while one that’s too big may cause injury if they fall off.

For that reason, our website displays the height range for each vehicle on our website. This should help you to choose the right size for your child.

This is also why we recommend that you measure your children, and use our height range to find a match.

Here are a few steps to help you decide:

Electric cars for children aged 0-2 years

It might seem strange at first to put a child in one of these cars at such a young age. However, we do offer an even smaller car for this age group. That's why all of our cars come equipped with remote control and safety seat belts.

Although our cars aren't specifically designed for children aged 0-24 months, you're still able to control the car and your kid will be safely secured in their seat.

Don't forget, most toys have two speeds, which are high or low.

Electric cars for children aged 2-4 years

This is a great age for kids to have these cars and play with them. They’re not babies anymore and they can truly enjoy them.

Additionally, at this age, their hands and eyes will be more coordinated so this will help them to better control the car.

That’s not all though, they can also use their imagination with these cars and play pretend games or go on adventures around the house or in a backyard.

Don’t forget; it’s not just the joy of controlling these cars; they also have additional features such as a full-on media centre.

The vast majority of cars are also equipped with a full-on media system which means they can listen to music through the car's speakers.

They can either listen to the mp3 tunes or lullabies pre-loaded onto the player, or they can play their favourite songs on a USB stick.

The only thing you need to do is put their favorite music on a USB stick.

Electric cars for children aged 5-7 years

As your kids get older, they can generally handle more complex toys. They can also share the experience if you purchase a 2 seater instead of a 1 seater ride-on car.

Note: These cars are a lot larger in size and often have more power, so please keep that in mind.

Personalised Number Plates

Personalize your child's ride-on car, bike, skateboard, or even bedroom door with these stick-on number plates.

1) Select the name of the person for who the toy is intended for.

2) The personalisation option is enabled when selecting a name. You can add a message (9 symbols or less).

Kids Ride On Car Assembly Videos

We are in the process of producing some  - This is a list of our full collection of RiiRoo ride-on car and toy videos. Providing you with a helping hand when you need it. 

We have a large range kids ride on car assembly videos that will help you to assemble your RiiRoo ride-on car. You can watch the videos on our website or on YouTube.


As long as you are in the UK and order before 1 pm, we offer a premium next-day delivery on all our products.

If you live outside of the UK, please note that delivery times will vary. They will also vary if we assemble the toy for you.

If this is the case, then the toy will be assembled, thoroughly tested and then packed ready to ship out as soon as possible.