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The Comprehensive Guide to Kids Motorbikes

The Comprehensive Guide to Kids Motorbikes

The Comprehensive Guide to Kids Motorbikes

Looking into the world of kids' motorbikes can be daunting with so many choices out there.

But don't fret!

Whether you're a concerned parent or an eager grandparent, this guide is here to unravel the maze and help you find the perfect ride-on toy for your young adventurer.

So buckle up, because we're about to embark on an exciting journey through the world of kids' motorbikes!

Choosing the Right Motorbike

Factors to consider: Age, height, and skill level are crucial when considering the right size bike for your child.

It's imperative to choose the perfect bike that ensures a comfortable fit, boosting your child's confidence in their riding abilities.

The seat height and engine capacity should be appropriate for the child's age and size, ensuring they get the right fit.

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In a park, a black man in a yellow shirt walks beside a mixed-race toddler in a toy car, with a white woman in a grey dress smiling at them

Factors to Consider: Age, Height, Skill Level

The primary step in choosing a motorbike for kids is evaluating the suitability based on their age, height, and skill level:

  1. Age: Manufacturers often recommend age ranges for their products. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that the bike is appropriate for the child's physical and cognitive development.
  2. Height: The rider should be able to touch the ground with both feet when sitting on the bike. This enhances stability, especially during stops.
  3. Skill Level: For beginners, a bike that's easy to control with a less powerful engine is ideal. As they gain confidence and skills, they can graduate to more powerful models.

Considering these factors will help parents find a motorbike that's both safe and enjoyable for their child.

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Top Brands and Models for Kids

Top brands and models for kids: While there are numerous brands available, it's essential to focus on those that offer youth sizing specifically tailored for kids.

Recognising the importance of the bike sizing chart, leading brands provide charts based on a child's height and weight.

Remember, the right size bike is not just about comfort, but it's also crucial for safety.

There are several reputable manufacturers that produce motorbikes specifically tailored for kids.

Here are some of the top brands and models:

  1. Honda: Recognised for their reliability, Honda's CRF series, particularly the CRF50F, is a popular choice for young riders.
  2. Yamaha: The Yamaha PW50 and TTR-50 are well-known models designed for kids, boasting user-friendly features and dependable performance.
  3. Kawasaki: The KLX series, especially the KLX110, is designed for both beginner and intermediate young riders.
  4. KTM: Offering a range of bikes for kids, the KTM 50 SX is a favorite for those looking to venture into competitive racing.
  5. Suzuki: The DR-Z50 and RM series are renowned for their blend of performance and safety features suitable for young riders.

RiiRoo's best seller is the OneMonkey™ | EX1S | 250W | 24V | Electric Monkey Motorbike

Parents should always check reviews, seek recommendations, and maybe even test ride with their child before finalising a purchase.

Petrol vs. Electric-Powered: Pros and Cons

When deciding between a petrol (gasoline) and electric motorbike for kids, it's essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Petrol (Gasoline) Motorbikes:

The engine is the heart of any dirt bike. Understanding the power it delivers, whether it's 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, or 110cc, is essential.

Typically, 50cc dirt bikes are small and lightweight, suitable for kids just beginning their outdoor activity.

As you progress to 110cc, the bike becomes the largest and heaviest, designed for kids who've gained more experience.

  • Pros:
    • More extended range.
    • Typically more powerful.
    • Refueling is quick.
  • Cons:
    • Produce emissions.
    • Require more maintenance.
    • Generally noisier, which might not be suitable for residential areas.

Electric Motorbikes:

  • Pros:
    • Environmentally friendly with zero emissions.
    • Quieter operation.
    • Less maintenance required.
  • Cons:
    • Longer refueling (charging) times.
    • Might have a shorter range compared to petrol bikes.
    • Initial cost can be higher.

Considering the intended use, budget, and personal preferences will guide parents in deciding the right power source for their child's motorbike.

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A young child in full motocross gear, including an orange and black helmet, matching jersey, and pants, with protective gloves. The child is riding a small blue RiiRoo motorcycle

Types of Motorbikes For Kids

Kids electric dirt bikes

Kids electric dirt bikes are motorbikes designed for kids that are powered by an electric motor.

They are environmentally friendly and require less maintenance than gas-powered bikes.

They are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different ages and skill levels.

Suitable for Kids:

Electric dirt bikes are not a one-size-fits-all kind of toy.

Tailored especially for children, they cater to a diverse age bracket, ranging from lively 3-year-olds all the way up to ambitious 17-year-olds.

It's like watching your child grow from a tricycle to a mountain bike, but with an electric twist!


Welcome to the future where bikes hum rather than roar. Powered solely by electric motors, these bikes not only reduce our carbon footprint but also promise a quieter neighbourhood.

No more waking up the neighbours with early morning ride sessions!

Range and Speed:

These bikes aren’t just about eco-friendly rides; they promise a good dose of thrill too.

Some can reach zippy speeds of up to 15.5 mph and offer a generous range to keep the adventure going, covering up to 13.7 miles on a single charge.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount, especially with kids. The genius minds behind these bikes have incorporated features like the kill switch with a wristband.

In case of any mishap, a simple pull can instantly disengage the motor, making sure the fun stays safe.

Adjustable Speed and Acceleration:

Remember the first time your child took off the training wheels? It's all about progressing at their own pace.

Electric dirt bikes offer adjustable speed and acceleration, ensuring the bike grows in challenge as your child grows in confidence.

Sturdy Build:

Kids will be kids. They’ll take corners, face unexpected bumps, and occasionally take the scenic off-track route.

And for all that and more, these bikes come built tough, ensuring durability, stability, and most importantly, safety.

Suitable for Off-Road Use:

These aren’t just driveway toys. Designed for real action, they're perfect for dirt tracks, rugged trails, and any other terrain young adventurers might set their sights on. It's about giving them a slice of the wild, safely.

In essence, an electric dirt bike is more than just a ride; it's a rite of passage, a lesson in responsibility, and an eco-friendly ticket to countless adventures.

Kids Petrol Dirt Bikes

Suitable for Kids:

Fuelled by adventure and designed specifically for young enthusiasts aged 3 to 17, kids petrol dirt bikes bring the excitement of real dirt biking into little hands.

Perfect for the budding motocross champion!


Driven by the raw power of a gas engine, kids petrol dirt bikes offer an authentic riding experience.

They're tailored in different sizes and styles, ensuring there's a perfect match for every age and skill level out there. Feeling the revs already?

Range and Speed:

Hold onto your helmets! Depending on the engine and model, these bikes can rocket up to speeds of a thrilling 70 km/h. With a range that can stretch out to 13.7 miles, it's all about exhilarating rides and pushing boundaries.

Safety Features:

Safety first, always. That's why these bikes are armed with features like disc brakes and adjustable shocks, ensuring every ride is as secure as it is fun. Because what's an adventure without safety?

Suitable for Off-Road Use:

Craving some off-road action? These bikes were born for it. From rugged dirt tracks to challenging trails and terrains, kids petrol dirt bikes are the go-to choice for young off-road aficionados.

Sturdy Build:

Built like a tank but with the elegance of a gazelle, these bikes strike the perfect balance between durability and design. Crafted with high-quality materials, they're resilient, reliable, and ready for every rough and tumble.

Choosing a kids petrol dirt bike is like gifting a passport to a world of off-road adventures. Every twist, turn, and jump will be a memory etched in time.

Electric Trial Bikes

Kids electric trial bikes are motorbikes designed for kids that are powered by an electric motor and are suitable for trials riding.

Trials riding is a type of off-road riding that involves navigating obstacles such as rocks and logs.

Suitable for Kids:

Just like its dirt counterpart, electric trial bikes are a hit with the younger crowd.

They're finely tuned to cater to a spectrum of budding riders, from the tiny tots at 3 years old to the more experienced teenagers up to 17 years.


These bikes harness the silent power of electricity, offering an environmentally conscious choice that’s gentle on our ears and the planet.

There's something immensely satisfying about knowing your child's hobby treads lightly on Mother Earth.

Range and Speed:

Adventure doesn't have to end quickly!

These electric trial bikes come equipped with enough juice to cover distances up to 13.7 miles, zipping through at exhilarating speeds of up to 15.5 mph.

Just enough to feed their thrill-seeking spirit.

Safety Features:

Never compromising on safety, these bikes feature the handy kill switch with a wristband.

It's a little accessory that packs a punch—pull it, and the motor's done, ensuring peace of mind during every ride.

Suitable for Trials Riding:

Electric trial bikes are purpose-built for a special kind of challenge: trials riding.

Picture your child navigating a maze of rocks, logs, and other obstacles.

These bikes, lightweight with a lower seat height, are designed to make manoeuvring a breeze, honing those crucial balancing skills.

Sturdy Build:

Built to withstand the pressures of trials riding, they boast a solid construction.

Quality materials, thoughtful design, and expert craftsmanship come together to ensure these bikes stand up to the challenges, all the while safeguarding the rider.

Electric trial bikes offer kids a unique blend of challenge and fun.

They're not just about riding; they're about overcoming obstacles, mastering balance, and growing in skill and confidence.

It's a thrilling avenue for young riders to channel their energy, develop a new skill set, and experience the joy of riding.

Electric Motocross Bikes

Kids electric motocross bikes are motorbikes designed for kids that are powered by an electric motor and are suitable for motocross racing.

Suitable for Kids:

From the early days of tricycles to the cusp of adolescence, electric motocross bikes cater to kids from 3 up to 17 years old.

They're not just motorbikes; they're a rite of passage for many young thrill-seekers.


Drawing their power from the modern marvel that is the electric motor, these bikes provide an eco-friendly twist to the motocross world.

Plus, their silent operation means the only thing you'll hear is the wind rushing by and the occasional cheer of delight.

Range and Speed:

These bikes are designed for endurance and thrill, boasting a range of up to 13.7 miles.

And when the track calls for it, they can unleash a sprint, reaching speeds up to 15.5 mph. Imagine the gust of wind and exhilaration!

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount. That's why these electric motocross bikes come armed with a kill switch attached to a wristband.

A quick pull, and the motor instantly comes to a halt, ensuring that fun doesn't come at the cost of safety.

Suitable for Motocross Racing:

Born for the track, these bikes are built for motocross racing. Racing on a closed circuit, filled with jumps, bends, and various other obstacles, becomes an electrifying experience (pun intended!). It's all about the thrill of the race, the sharp turns, the jumps, and the pure, unadulterated fun.

Sturdy Build:


Bring them on! Built to last and designed to impress, these bikes are crafted from top-notch materials.

Their robustness ensures they can take on the rigours of motocross racing, guaranteeing safety and durability.

So, for the little racer in your family, an electric motocross bike is not just a toy; it's an adventure, a challenge, and a fantastic tool for skill development.

Mini Motocross Bikes

Kids mini motocross bikes are small versions of motocross bikes designed for kids.

They are available in both gas-powered and electric-powered models.

Suitable for Kids:

Every kid dreams of that ultimate ride, a blend of adventure and fun.

Mini motocross bikes are designed with that very thought, catering to youngsters from ages 3 to 17.

They're a taste of the real motocross world, just scaled down a bit.

Gas-Powered or Electric-Powered:

In the mini motocross world, the choice is yours!

Whether you're drawn to the traditional roar of a gas engine or the sleek silence of an electric one, there's a mini motocross bike that's just right.

Diversity is the spice of life, after all!

Range and Speed:

With the pedal to the metal, or in this case, the throttle fully open, these bikes can dash at speeds up to 15.5 mph, especially the electric models.

And with a range stretching up to 13.7 miles, it's all about the long rides and the wind in your hair.

Safety Features:

Every parent's primary concern, isn't it? Thankfully, these bikes come equipped with a kill switch, ensuring the motor stops when necessary.

It's like having a guardian angel on board, looking out for your little racer.

Suitable for Motocross Racing:

Built for the track and designed to thrill, mini motocross bikes are made for motocross racing.

Those tight corners, breathtaking jumps, and race-to-the-finish moments are what these bikes live for. Can you hear the crowd cheering?

Sturdy Build:

Like a knight in shining armour, these bikes are built to be both dazzling and durable.

Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, they promise both safety and longevity.

A trusty steed for your young adventurer!

Selecting a mini motocross bike is not just about choosing a vehicle; it's about gifting an experience, a pathway to skills, and memories that'll last a lifetime.

Kid's Safety Gear


The crown jewel of safety gear, the helmet is paramount for any kid hopping on a motorbike.

Safety should never be a compromise, especially when it comes to kids.

A helmet is the top concern and is designed to protect the head from injuries in case of an accident.

Parents should choose a helmet that fits properly and is certified by safety standards.

Beyond being a style statement, it shields the delicate head from potential impacts, ensuring safety remains the priority.

Always opt for one that snugly fits and proudly boasts of meeting established safety standards.


Step into the world of biking with the right foot forward – and ensure it's clad in a robust boot. 

These should be sturdy and have a good grip to prevent trouble like slipping, especially on motocross tracks where the terrain can be challenging.

Chest Protector

Your little one's heart beats with the thrill of the ride, and a chest protector ensures it remains safe.

Tailored to guard the chest and back, this piece ensures that even in the event of a tumble, their vital areas remain shielded. Comfort and a snug fit are key.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Joints, although flexible, are vulnerable. With dedicated knee and elbow pads, every fall becomes a tad bit safer.

They're not just about protection but also ensuring the young rider moves freely, making every ride an enjoyable one.


Grasping the handles firmly is a part of the biking ritual, and gloves make sure it's done right.

Beyond offering protection, they provide the grip needed to navigate those winding roads, all while keeping those little fingers safe and snug.

Designed to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and wind while riding.

They should fit properly and be comfortable to wear. It's essential to choose the right size based on your child's face to ensure maximum protection.

Armoured Jacket

Channel the knight in shining armor vibe with an armored jacket, tailored to safeguard the upper body.

Beyond its protective nature, it's about ensuring your child feels comfortable and unrestricted, making every ride a breeze.


The world whizzes by in a blur, and goggles ensure it's a clear one.

Designed to keep the eyes shielded from intrusive dust, debris, and wind, they're the unsung heroes of the biking world.

A snug fit without being too tight is the golden rule here.

Remember, it's not just about gearing up but making sure each piece fits just right.

After all, safety paired with comfort ensures that your young rider's journey is always a joyous one.

Basic Riding Techniques

The foundation of any great rider lies in grasping the basic techniques.

It's more than just twisting the throttle and zipping away; it's about understanding the essence of the ride.

Start with the baby steps: introduce throttle control at leisurely paces and then notch up the speed as your kid grows in confidence.

The magic of two-wheel balance is indispensable.

Once they've unlocked the balance achievement, transitioning to pedaling and eventually mastering gear shifts becomes a smoother journey.

Starting and Stopping

Starting with a roar and halting with finesse – these are vital pages in the motorbike manual.

The sequence of turning on the ignition, getting familiar with the clutch's embrace, and initiating the ride with the starter button are crucial lessons.

And when it's time to hit the brakes, knowing when and how to disengage the clutch can make all the difference.

Practicing in a serene, controlled environment can ensure safety and bolster confidence.

Shifting Gears

A motorbike's rhythm is in its gears. Getting the hang of clutch coordination, finessing the gear lever dance, and ensuring a smooth transition holds the key.

Smoothness is the goal here – a sudden jolt can surprise the rider and lead to mishaps. Patience and practice are the best teachers in this gear-shifting class.

Riding Etiquette

Being on the road is not just about the ride; it's a symphony of rules, signals, and courtesies.

Teaching kids to maintain their line, signal intentions before turns, and respect the road's law is paramount.

Defensive riding and heightened situational awareness can arm them against potential hazards, making each ride safer.

Riding Under Different Conditions

The open road presents a plethora of scenarios. From the refreshing drizzles to the challenging dirt tracks, every condition is a new chapter in the riding book.

Equip them with the know-how to navigate slippery paths, negotiate tricky terrains, and tackle the bustling traffic with grace and safety.

A deep understanding of environmental factors and potential road hazards will go a long way.

Body Positioning

Correct body positioning aids in maintaining balance, especially during turns.

The rider's body should lean with the bike during curves, and they should learn to distribute their weight appropriately.


A counterintuitive but crucial technique, especially at higher speeds.

Pushing the handlebar in the direction one wants to turn can make turning smoother and more controlled.

Emergency Braking

Understanding how to rapidly decelerate without skidding is vital.

This involves applying both front and rear brakes with the right pressure, especially important if the bike doesn't have anti-lock brakes.

Looking Through Turns

The principle here is simple: "You go where you look." Kids should learn to turn their head and look in the direction they want to go, especially during turns.

Trail Braking

This is a more advanced technique where riders continue to brake into a turn.

This allows for safer and more controlled turns, especially at higher speeds.

Low-Speed Maneuvering

Often overlooked, but managing a bike at low speeds, especially during parking or in heavy traffic, can be challenging.

Practicing tight turns and U-turns is beneficial.

Obstacle Avoidance

The skill to swiftly and safely maneuver around obstacles without losing control.

This might involve a quick steer or a hop, depending on the obstacle.

Riding in Groups

There's a certain etiquette and set of skills required when riding with others to ensure everyone's safety.

Maintenance and Repair

For any vehicle, maintenance and repair are key to ensuring its longevity and safe operation.

When it comes to kids' motorbikes, proper maintenance not only keeps the bike in good working condition but also ensures the safety of the young rider.

Below are some essential points parents should consider.

Routine Checks

It's essential to periodically assess the bike's size and engine, ensuring that parts like the motor are functioning optimally.

Especially with dirt bike sizes varying, routine checks help ascertain that the bike is still the right size for the child, especially as they grow.

  1. Tire Inspection: Check for proper inflation, wear, and any visible damage.
  2. Brake Check: Ensure the brakes respond well and check for any unusual noises.
  3. Chain and Sprockets: Ensure the chain is well-lubricated and inspect for any signs of wear or damage.
  4. Lights and Signals: For motorbikes with lights and signals, ensure they are functioning correctly.
  5. Battery: If the motorbike has a battery, check its charge and ensure connections are clean.

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Basic Maintenance: Oil Changes, Air Filter Cleaning

Routine oil changes, air filter cleaning, and assessing the engine capacity are vital.

For instance, a 125cc or 250cc engine might demand specific oil types.

  1. Oil Changes: Just like cars, motorbikes need regular oil changes. For kids' motorbikes, consult the manufacturer's guidelines for frequency, but a common interval is after every 20 hours of riding.

  2. Air Filter Cleaning: A clean air filter ensures optimal engine performance. Depending on riding conditions (especially if riding in dusty areas), the air filter might need cleaning after every ride.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

As your child gets more experience and spends more time riding, issues might arise.

Knowing how to handle smaller and lighter motocross bikes versus larger trail bikes, designed for off-road terrains, can be crucial.

Occasionally, you might encounter some common problems:

  1. Starting Issues: If the bike doesn't start, it could be due to a weak battery, a faulty spark plug, or issues with the fuel system.

  2. Stalling or Rough Idle: Dirty air filters, water in the fuel, or carburettor issues can cause this.

  3. Poor Acceleration: This could be caused by a slack chain, clogged exhaust, or problems with the carburetor.

  4. Noisy Engine: Unusual noises could indicate low oil levels or internal engine problems.

When to Visit a Mechanic

If you're unsure about the engine size, cubic centimeters, or if the bike seems larger or not the right size, it might be time to visit a mechanic.

Also, while safety should never be a compromise, if you've acquired second-hand bikes, a mechanic check is essential for top concern safety.

  1. Deep Engine Issues: If you suspect problems inside the engine, it's best to consult a mechanic.

  2. Electrical Problems: Wiring issues, battery problems, or issues with lights and signals might require a professional look.

  3. Suspension or Brake Issues: For optimal safety, any concerns with the brakes or suspension should be addressed by a professional.

By following a proper maintenance schedule and addressing issues promptly, parents can ensure that their child's motorbike stays in top condition and provides a safe riding experience.

Budget Considerations

Budget: When introducing your child to the world of motorbiking, budget plays an essential role.

While safety should never be compromised, there are bikes available across a range of price points.

Always ensure that the bike's durability aligns with its price.

The range of options might seem overwhelming, but by following guidelines based on your child's age, size, and experience, you can make an informed decision that marries safety with affordability.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Your First Electric Dirt Bike

Advancing in Riding Skills

As young riders become more proficient in their basic motorbike skills, it's essential to offer them opportunities to advance and refine their techniques.

This progression not only enhances their safety but also increases their confidence and enjoyment of the sport.

Here's a look into the stages of advancement and the avenues available for young riders to showcase their talent:

Transitioning from Beginner to Intermediate

As your child progresses in their riding skills, it's essential to recognise when they're ready to handle on the track or when they're better suited for riding on trails.

Their balance, especially when pulling off or stopping, indicates their control over the bike.

A child's age serves as a baseline, but their confidence, ability, and level of fear towards the machine play pivotal roles.

  1. Enhanced Control: As riders gain more experience, they should be able to handle the motorbike with greater precision, mastering techniques such as tight turns, sudden stops, and even basic stunts.

  2. Increased Speed: With experience comes the ability to navigate the motorbike at higher speeds while maintaining safety.

  3. Tackling Challenging Terrains: An intermediate rider should be comfortable riding on various terrains, from muddy trails to sandy dunes.

  4. Understanding Motorbike Mechanics: A deeper understanding of how their bike functions can help riders identify issues and perform basic maintenance tasks.

Competitions and Events for Young Riders

The UK offers a rich tapestry of events and competitions tailored for young motorbike enthusiasts.


Participating in events can be a fantastic outdoor activity for the family.

Motocross bikes, which are typically smaller and lighter, are designed for racing, making them ideal for competitions.

On the other hand, trail bikes, built for durability, are perfect for off-road terrains.

Whether it's a 50cc dirt bike event or a 110cc competition, it's essential to choose based on the child's experience and the bike's sizing chart.

Engaging in these events can be both fun and educational, pushing riders to hone their skills in competitive settings:

  1. Motorcycle Events & Shows: As highlighted, Bennetts Insurance offers a plethora of events ranging from social meets to race meets, providing young riders with diverse experiences.

  2. Motorcycle Live: This annual event is a haven for motorbike aficionados, offering competitions and challenges that cater specifically to young riders like the Kawasaki Superteen Challenge.

  3. Adventure Bike Rider Festival: Perfect for those looking to combine adventure with motorbiking, this festival introduces riders to the thrill of adventure bike riding.

  4. British Talent Cup: This is a prestigious platform for young riders aged between 12 and 17, offering them a chance to showcase their prowess and get a foot in the door of professional MotoGP riding.

  5. The Great Malle Rally: A test of endurance and skill, this rally is a fantastic opportunity for young riders keen on long-distance motorbiking.

  6. Annual Motorcycle Charity Events: Beyond just riding, events like the ones listed by Devitt Insurance allow young motorbike enthusiasts to marry their passion with a noble cause, using their skills to raise money for various charities.

By engaging in these activities, young riders not only get a platform to improve their skills but also understand the broader motorbike community's dynamics.

Parents play a pivotal role in guiding their kids, ensuring they pick the right events that align with their skills and interests.

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