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Electric Ride On Motorbike For Kids

I think we can all remember receiving our first bikes, can’t we?

How excited were you when you went out and explored by yourself without any parental supervision?

Even though these are great memories, there comes a time when you want to move on from your first bike and it’s no different for your kids.

If this is the case, then a nice step up to a battery electric ride on motorbike.

Don’t worry, if they can’t fully balance on their own yet. Each one of our ride on bikes comes with a set of stabilisers. So no problems there.

Comfort and safety

At RiiRoo we take safety seriously. Other than the stabilisers these bikes don’t pick up too much speed to cause any accidents.

They come with a set of handlebars (just like the real thing) so your kids will always be in full control of the bike’s actions.

Also, each of our bikes comes with an accelerator pedal. All your kid needs to do is press the accelerator and away they go.


Whatever car or bike you choose, the dimensions are super important. For that reason, each one of RiiRoo’s bike listings provides full dimensions so you can workout if this would be the right size.

Please take note of the height of each bike more than anything. The height will determine whether your child would sit comfortably on it.

Age of the Child

All of our ride on bikes explain the age recommendation. When you take a look through our website please take note of this.

The Model

Choosing the right model for your kid is key. Again, like our ride on cars, our bikes can be purchased in a variety of different colours.

So, if your kid has a favourite colour then it should be quite straightforward to find it on at least one of the models we sell.

We offer two types of voltage for our ride on bikes. We offer 6V and 12V. The 6V bikes tend to have less power and are normally found on the smaller bikes that we sell.


We offer some competitively price ride on bikes to suit any budget here RiiRoo. In fact, a lot of people buy these bikes first and then purchase some of our more expensive bikes and cars.

We’re sure you’ll be able to find something that suits your budget with the knowledge that you can migrate to something larger or more expensive when the time is right.

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