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foam rubber style eva tyre

What is a Soft EVA Tyre?

A Soft EVA Tyre is a foam rubber tyre that is quickly becoming quite popular among kids ride on toys.

These tyres provide plenty of traction while remaining very soft and quiet.

foam rubber style EVA tyre

The rubber is a high-quality, elastic tyre that gives and feels like natural rubber. The core of these tyres is made out of dense EVA foam with a rubbery feel and quality to it.

The EVA in this compound stands for "ethylene vinyl acetate," which is also used in shoes, mats.


  • The ride is softer and more comfortable.
  • Durable and hard-wearing.
  • Handles much better than Grippmoz tyres.


There are no disadvantages to this type of tyre.

It is generally offered as an upgrade from Grippmoz tyres.

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