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Different Ride-on Toy Seat Types

Different Ride-on Toy Seat Types

If you are thinking of purchasing a ride-on toy for your child, you may be considering what type of seat to get for the toy.

The top-rated ride-on toys have a seat belt or three-point harness system that prevents them from falling out.

Before going ahead and purchasing a ride-on toy with a seat or other seating arrangement, it is important to remember that very young children should never be allowed to sit in a stationary position where they cannot hold themselves up by their arms.

In fact, most safety experts recommend that very small children should not even use a ride-on toy without being strapped into an approved car seat carrier first!

However, this doesn't mean you can't purchase one of these types of toys as soon as your child is old enough to hold their head up by themselves.

There are generally two types of finish when it comes to ride-on toys. Plastic and Leather style.

Ride-on Toy Plastic Seats

RiiRoo Audi TTRS plastic seat example

Note: The image above is just an example. Please check the product page to see what style seat comes with that toy!

Ride-on Toy Plastic Seats are made out of tough durable plastic which makes it easier to wipe off food and drink spills. However, plastic seats are not recommended for children under the age of three as it can be more difficult for them to remain seated without tipping over.

Ride-on Toy Leather Seats

kids ride on leather style seat

Note: The image above is just an example. Please check the product page to see what style seat comes with that toy!

Ride-on toy leather seats are made out of very durable leather style material which makes it extremely easy to clean up any messes quickly.

Leather seats are generally softer and much more comfortable for toddlers to sit in. However, they are often offered as an additional extra from most online toy retailers.

Seat Belts and Harnesses

The vast majority of ride-on toys that travel at speed will come with a seat belt or a three-point safety harness.

kids ride on toy safety harness

These days there are two different types of seat belts on offer. The traditional style buckles into place by threading them through a metal loop and then clicking the buckle together at the other side, and the modern 'quick release' variety simply pulls tight around your child's waist with a handle to keep everything safe and secure.

There is no difference in the level of safety between the two types, but the harness will be more comfortable for your little one.

If you are unsure which toy comes with a seat belt or harness, each section on our website will display the details in either the "standout features" or within the main description of the product page as shown below...

seatbelt or safety harness

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