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Top 4 VW Kids Battery Electric Ride On Cars Sold By RiiRoo

Top 4 VW Kids Battery Electric Ride On Cars Sold By RiiRoo

Every month we take a look at which of our ride on cars are selling well and then showcase them for our customers so they can make an informed decision.

Take a look at the Top 4 VW Kids Battery Electric Ride On Cars Sold By RiiRoo. These are what's "hot" at the moment.

2020 VW Arteon - Licensed

If you’re looking for a kids electric car with some great styling and a little different from the norm, then you’ve got to check out our latest 12V battery-electric VW Arteon ride-on car. Not only is it true to its real-sized counterpart but it also has the power to match with its 12V battery and powerful motors.

2020 VW Beetle Classic Push Along - Licensed

Like its bigger brother, this is a fully licensed Kids VW Beetle Push Along Ride on Car that allows those too young to control a fully electric kids' car to have as much fun using their own energy. The attention to detail is just incredible and with its ease of access, this is sure to be their go-to Ride-on for a while!

VW Amarok Pick Up Ride on Car - 12V 4WD

VW Amarok Pick Up Ride on Car Licensed Range Wagon 12V Battery Electric Ride on Jeep Car & Parental Remote Control.

This 2019 Latest Licensed Official 2 Seater VW Amarok Ride On Ranger isn't just a well-constructed Ride On Car with incredible attention to detail. It also has a wide range of superb features making this car the full package.

2020 VW Beetle Classic - Licensed

For those of you who remember Herbie, the cute little Beetle made famous in the 70s. RiiRoo is proud to announce our new 12V Licensed VW Beetle ride-on car as a great addition to our ride-on range.

With great attention to detail and with the blessing of VW, we were able to snag this beautiful replica of the real thing for your kids to enjoy.

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