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Mercedes Benz SL400 Ride On Car Kids

Mercedes Benz SL400 Ride On Car Kids Overview Video

Mercedes Benz SL400 Ride On Car 

In this video above, we’re going to have a look at one of the most popular cars we sell at RiiRoo.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Mercedes Benz SL400 AMG Licensed Ride On Car which is one of our favourites.

Not only is the styling and smooth lines so close to the real thing you’ll be surprised at the sheer attention to detail they have gone to when producing the classic.

It’s suitable for children aged between 3 and 5 years old, but I must stress, this can vary from child to child.

As we take a quick look around the outside, you’ll notice both the Mercedes badge and also the AMG badge look exactly like the real thing. That’s because this is a fully licensed version which means we have the full blessing of Mercedes to use their branding.

If you have ever looked at the real thing, you may have noticed that it has defusers at the front and also at the back of the vehicle.

Guess what? Our SL400 has exactly the same features and the designers have spared no expense to get this car looking like the real thing.

The great thing about the Mercedes is the fact that it has working front and backlights that look stunning at night.

A black see-through windscreen and a full set of realistic alloy style wheels that also have the Mercedes branding giving it that authentic look.

If we take a closer look at the tyres, you’ll see the attention to detail of the tyre tread. Again, even though this is a toy, the tread on the GrippMoZ™ tyres have been designed for your child to really picture themselves driving the real thing.

It has some great wheels and realistic looking brake calipers. The features don’t stop there. As we press up and down on the front and rear of the car, notice it has independent suspension.

Looking around the back of the car, you’ll see a set of twin exhausts just like the real thing and also a boot that opens with the battery pack enclosed. Ok, let’s take a look inside this beauty.

You’ll notice it has a set of safety belts. At RiiRoo we take your child’s safety seriously. It has a one-seat capacity which means it is designed to seat 1 child.

The dashboard lights up in blue and it’s similar to the front and rear lights. It looks amazing in the dark. The car has forward and reverse gears, foot accelerator with an auto brake on release function.

Unlike other cars on the market, the doors open and close and you can really tell the workmanship that has gone into making the experience for your child as lifelike as possible.

Now, let’s talk about the media player. Not only does it have a USB input that allows you to use your own USB stick with MP3 music, but you also have the ability to turn the volume up and down and skip track function too.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any music.

Every SL400 comes with a selection of tunes preinstalled so your child can bob along while they are driving.

Each Mercedes comes with a 2 x 30W Motor and rechargeable 12-volt battery and parental remote control that allows you to override the control of the car whenever you like.

The Charge time is approximately 6-8 hours to a full charge and a drive time of approximately 1 hour on a full charge. Just remember, this will vary depending on the type of use.

It comes with a 1-year warranty on the motor, a 3 pin charger. USB STICK All of our ride on cars come with their own dedicated media centre.

Now, this means you can either play preinstalled music, stories and lullabies as well as your own music on the USB stick. In fact, if you purchase one of our RiiRoo 8 GB USB sticks, they’re already preformatted for you to download your own tunes.

If you’re lucky, we’ll even show you how to download your kids favourite tracks onto it.

Here at RiiRoo, we're all about "Getting Kids Active."

How To Pair Your Ride On Car Parental Remote Control

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Our Mercedes Benz SL400 Ride On Car also comes in different colours, like, red, white, blue and pink

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Jordan Johnson - January 15, 2020

Just received mmy order today
How do I get the remote to work with the car?
How do I change it over to the aux lead in the car to play phone and also where is the charging port?

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