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6 Cool Party Bag Filler Ideas For Kids

6 Cool Party Bag Filler Ideas For Kids

girl's birthday party

With lockdown coming to a close (well at least in some cities) things are slowly getting back to normal. 

I did say slowly ;)

With that in mind, children’s parties are back in full swing (maybe with a little social distancing thrown in), and the same problems of coming up with ideas for party favors keeps coming up again and again. There really is no one size fits all. However, you should find the list below should help.

The items are designed to be purchased on a budget, yet education, fun, and purchased from a wide variety of places.

Take a look at the list and feel free to leave comments on additional items you could purchase.


children reading

It’s hard to imagine so many children reading books these days, isn’t it? However, it’s still a very popular pastime regardless of how many electrical devices they have access to now. Not only are books extremely affordable. They are both entertaining and educational all rolled into one.

Depending on where you purchase your books, you can get some really good deals on packages and bundles. Cost per child can often work out as little as 50p per book, which makes a great deal when buying for several children.

Water bombs

happy kids playing with water

As we are right in the heart of summer, the perfect give-away for birthday parties is water bombs. Youngsters have so much fun filling them up and throwing them at each other and around the garden. 

Granted, there will be quite a bit of tidying up to do, but, the amount of fun they’ll have will be off the charts. Just what we need after the last few months of a lockdown.

Colouring books

parents watch kid with colouring book

Now, we mentioned books earlier, but what we’re talking about is colouring books. The two are totally different when it comes to presents for kids.

The good thing about colouring books is the price. Whether you buy them from The Works, B&M Bargains, or from an online store like Amazon, you are guaranteed to get a fantastic deal. They also make great gifts!

Plant pots and seeds

 small girl in the garden with grandfather

Whether you go to IKEA or B&Q, purchasing some cheap plant pots is relatively easy. Now, I know this is right of field, but stick with me here. Buying seeds to go into these pots is equally as cheap. 

The only thing parents would need to do is purchase a small amount of soil to fill the pots. These are excellent gifts for summer parties and it means we can get kids involved in the process. 

This is both education and fun whilst they see the fruits of their labour. Small potted plants generally don’t take that long to grow, so they wouldn’t need to wait long.


kids birthday party playing games 

I know it seems like I'm choosing low-value items here, but, when you’re buying for several children, the idea is to get the per bag price down. Otherwise, it will get pretty expensive really fast. 

At a lot of pound shops and places like B&M bargains (we’re not being sponsored by the way), you can purchase these mini-games. They’re great because they are small, cheap and will keep children occupied for hours. Games like Snakes & Ladders, Connect Four spring to mind. They also make great presents.

Cuddly toys

small girl holding a cuddly toy

A lot of you will probably be rolling your eyes at this point. Do we really need yet more cuddly toys? But, stick with me here. We’re talking tiny cuddly toys rather than expensive Build-A-Bear type toys here. 

The good thing is, they are reasonably cheap and can be purchased anywhere (especially supermarkets). 

You could tie paper collars around their necks, stick ribbons on them, etc. As the child is leaving the party, ask them to write the name of their new cuddly toy on a tag before sending them home.

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