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8 Great Educational Netflix Shows Your Kids Will Love

8 Great Educational Netflix Shows Your Kids Will Love

8 Great Educational Netflix Shows Your Kids Will Love

I bet you didn’t know there were a ton of educational shows on Netflix?

We’ve gathered what we believe to be the very best show's your kids can watch during these troubling times. We have also included some bonus shows and documentary series at the bottom of this article too!

However, before you start watching any content of Netflix with your kids. Be sure to set parental controls first, since most of the content on there is not for kids and you wouldn’t want them watching something they’re not supposed to.

How to Set Up Netflix Parental Controls

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click manage profiles.
  3. Choose the profile you want to manage.
  4. Set the maturity level.
  5. Alternatively, click "Kids" for quick kids settings.
  6. Tap save when you're done.
  7. The main account is different. You'll notice that if you're trying to edit your main profile, the "Kid?" option isn't available.
  8. Click save. All of your settings will now be saved and your profile will be. governed by your settings.

Ask the Storybots

These little storybots have got to be the cutest thing on streaming media at the moment.

There’s only one thing more curious and that’s the kids. What’s great about this show is the fact that celebrities are regularly making appearances with a music video at the end of each episode.


This is the science world explained in a way that’s relatable to kids. Produced by the R&B singer Pharrell Williams.

It’s a show that does its best to answer all of those questions our kids seem to ask. It’s from the team that previously created National Geographic's Brain Games.

Dino Hunt


Dino Hunt If your kids are interested in Dinosaurs, then why not combine good old family entertainment and a bit of education?

This is a show where the top scientists and paleontologists examine ancient fossils that are located throughout Canada while also looking for new species never discovered.

For example, in Season 1, episode 1, the team digs for new species and skull bones in the badlands while the other team tries to figure out exactly why they died. Your kids will be riveted

Disney Nature: Oceans

Now, whether Netflix continues to show this now Disney has Disney+ is anyone’s guess.

So, if you want your kids to learn about the creatures that live deep down the depths of the ocean, then I suggest you watch this as soon as you can.

Using the very latest technology, filmmakers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud set out to explore an underworld we can only dream about.

Not only does it educate your kids about the ocean. It also explains why we should look after them and how they sustain all life on earth.

The footage is mindblowing and nothing will grab your kid’s attention more than the harsh beauty of the ocean and the sea creatures lurking beneath the waves.

Dream Big

If your kids have shown an interest in engineering, then you’ve just got to get them to watch this short documentary. Narrated by Jeff Bridges (they won’t know who he is), these series take a look at astonishing achievements of some great engineering from around the world.

Even if your kid hasn’t shown an interest in engineering, they will still be able to be amazed and will marvel at one humans around the world have accomplished.

From some of the tallest buildings in the world to the great wall of China. Dream Big is not just an educational documentary for your kids to watch. It’s also inspirational, showing them that there’s no end to their imagination and if you dream it. Nothing is impossible.

Growing Up Wild

How many of us ever stop and think about the struggles wild animals have with their young? We’re so caught up in our adventures we very rarely stop and think about the other animals that we share this planet with.

Well, worry no more. Check out “Growing Up Wild” which tracks five baby animals in the wildest corners of our planet to see first hand how they conquer the many different challenges from finding food to eat, learning how to recognise the real danger and the imminent threats.

Follow them as they make their first steps and then eventually their final steps to independence.

This will be a right eye-opener for your kids and maybe even you as we watch this stunning imagery and stellar storytelling that will have you all hooked.

It will allow your kids to compare how their own journeys are evolving and will make them realise that we are not that different after all.

If I Were an Animal

This really is one of the coolest series on this list. Tim & his sister Emma are curious kids that get to explore how different animals make their way throughout life from babies to adults.

Season 1, Episode 1 is only 20 minutes long but they ask the questions - If I Were a Great Pyrenees / If I Were a Fox / If I Were a Dragonfly or a Butterfly / If I Were a Cheetah

Episode 4 is aso 21 minutes (in fact, most of them are) asks the questions - If I Were a Hedgehog / If I Were a Lemur / If I Were a Puffin / If I Were a Crocodile - The hedgehog called Spike like most hedgehogs is constantly looking for somewhere to hibernate and two puffin reunite after a year apart.

The Magic School Bus

I’ve got to assume that most kids have heard of “The Magic School Bus” - This is a really good Canadian-American animated kiddies web series based on a book of the same name.

Where the main character Ms Frizzle, is a science teacher takes kids on a make believe adventure and teaches them lots of Sciency type things to keep them occupied.

The series premiered on September 29, 2017 and was extremely popular. So popular that commissioned a second one straight away.

This will have your kids singing , dancing and learning at the same time!

Bonus Shows

Blue Planet (an absolute classic for both young and old)

Walking With Dinosaurs

Sid the Science Kid

Odd Squad

Other Cool Resources

We Are Teachers

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