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Kid's Petrol Bikes: Safety Measurements to Consider

Kid's Petrol Bikes: Safety Measurements to Consider

Kids petrol bikes are a huge trend in the bike industry. The benefits of these bikes include being able to go faster than regular bikes (since they are high powered), and their low cost.

However, some safety measurements need to be considered when purchasing this type of bike for your child.

This article will discuss what you should look out for before buying a petrol bike for your child so they can have fun on their new bike while staying safe!

Consider the Age of your Child

Typically, a child should be at least fifteen years of age before they can start riding on petrol bikes.

Also, consider the size of the bike and your child's weight and height. If you have an especially small or large child this information must be taken into consideration when buying their new kid's petrol bikes so they will fit properly.

Where Possible, Buy New

We understand that not everyone can purchase a brand new bike. However, if possible, it is best to buy a new bike.

A used petrol bike could have been crashed, and if this is the case there may be damage that you cannot see right away.

In addition, because of wear and tear children can outgrow their bikes in just a few years so buying used might not work well for your child over time as it is unlikely to last.

You also don't know how well the previous owner looked after their bike.

For example, you don't know if they regularly maintained it or replaced parts that needed to be replaced when they were worn out.

Did you know that we sell high-powered kid's electric bikes too?

Consider the Cost of Repairs for a Used Petrol Bike

If your child is just learning how to ride on two wheels then there is likely going to be crashes along the way and some damage done to their new kid's petrol bikes.

This means they will require extra parts and also maintenance to keep the bike in good condition. Kid's Petrol Bikes: Safety Measurements to Consider

For example, you might have to pay for new tyres when they get punctured or replaced brake pads if they are worn out.

Also, it is unlikely that a used petrol bike will come with all of its original parts, so your child may also need replacement tools like an allen key and pumps, etc. Make sure to check what kind of parts are included before making a purchase!

Consider How Much Your Child Will Be Riding Their Bike

Some children ride their bikes every day while others only use them once in a while because their friends have one too.

All children are different which means some can handle riding on petrol bikes more than others based on how much exercise they typically get each day as well as their weight and height.

If your child is just learning how to ride a bike, then they might not be ready for the speed that petrol bikes come with as well as their ability to handle them going over bumps or obstacles on the ground.

If this is the case, make sure you don't invest too much money in one of these types of bikes until your child has grown into it a bit more!

Check for a helmet that will fit properly and is comfortable to wear

It's so important that your child has a helmet that fits properly and is comfortable.

If the helmet does not fit your child properly then they will be in danger of it falling off while they ride which can put them at a huge safety risk!

Some helmets have extra padding for comfort, these may cost more but if you're going to pay money on a bigger bike for your child then it is worth going that extra mile to keep them safe.

Safety Gear

As well as a helmet, your child will likely need some safety gear with this type of bike.

For example, knee pads that go over the sides of their knees will protect them when they fall off and hit the ground.

They can also get elbow pads if they want extra protection for these joints too!

They may also need a jacket and padded trousers to stay warm on the cooler days and also added protection just in case they fall off.

It's important that you don't scrimp on this type of safety equipment and that you buy all the necessary items before they go riding because otherwise there is a chance that your child could be left in danger if something happens.

Get the right size pedals for your child's feet

The last thing you want is to buy new kids petrol bikes only for them not to fit properly on account of their pedals being too small or large!

You can measure your child's shoe size and then check online - there are plenty of websites that allow you to search by shoe size so finding some petrol options will be easy! 

Consider looking at more than one model before purchasing a bike for your child. Where possible, call up for advice from the store.

They will have plenty of experience with children's bikes and can give you some helpful advice when purchasing one for your child.

Petrol bikes are a great way to get around quickly while staying safe - make sure they stay that way by looking out for these safety measurements!

Regular Maintenance

You must regularly service the bike to keep it in good condition.

Things you will need to do regularly:

  • Ensure the bike has enough oil in it.
  • Refill the fuel tank when needed.
  • Check all cables are secure and not fraying or worn out.
  • Examine tyres to see if they need replacing, look for any damage such as cuts in them.
  • Ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Ensure handlebars are tight enough so they don't move around while using them, but not so tightly as no movement should be able to happen at all! Check this throughout regular maintenance checks because it can come loose over time if you haven't tightened it properly beforehand.  
  • Lubricate the chain regularly so that it does not rust up and break down while your child is riding on it!
  • Replace brake pads when they start making a screeching sound because this means they are wearing down quickly which will mean you have to pay more money at some point soon otherwise there could be an accident!     
  • Make sure everything moves freely without catching (e.g., brakes, pedals) or squeaking (e-brake). Clean off mud/dirt after each ride.
  • Check the brakes (pulling up, pushing down) and gears (changing between them).

If you can't do it yourself then take your bike to a mechanic for servicing at least every six months or so - this is even more important if they are riding on older bikes that may need some extra TLC!

Make sure all parts of the bike are securely attached before They Ride Them

Before your child ventures out on their bike, ensure all parts are securely attached.

The last thing you want is for the handlebars, pedals, or wheels to fly off while they're riding it!

If your child is new to petrol bikes then make sure an adult helps them get used to the bike before allowing them too much freedom on their own with it.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, everything you need to know about buying a kids petrol bike.

Make sure your child is well-protected with the right safety equipment and that all parts of their bike are secure before allowing them to ride it!

In no time at all, they will be zooming around everywhere on their new motorbike, but as long as you follow these steps then there should not be any problems!   

I hope that was helpful for those who were wondering how to go about choosing a suitable kids' petrol bike for themselves or have been considering getting one.

Any questions feel free to contact us via email or on the website chat system.

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