How long does it take to charge ride-on toys? This is a question that many people have when they are looking at different ride-on toy options.

There are ride-ons for children, adults, and even pets, believe it or not?

It can be hard to know which one would be the best option for you or your child.

In this article, we'll go over how long each of these ride-on toys takes to charge so that you can make an informed decision about what charging method is right for youHow Long Does It Take to Charge a 6v, 12, or 24 Volt Ride-On Toy?

The length of time it takes to charge a kid's electric car battery depends on the voltage.

The very first time you charge a new battery, it will take longer than the next charge.

This is because the battery has to be conditioned and there will need to be more charging cycles before it reaches its peak performance level.

The ride-on toy batteries come in different voltages, so you should check which one your ride-on toy needs!

This article will provide the approximate values of charge. However, we strongly suggest that you read the instructions that come with the ride-on toy as some of them may vary.

To charge a 6-volt battery, it should be charged for 10 hours followed by regular charging of 6 hours.

For 12v batteries, the first charge should last for 10 hours with regular charging at 8-10 hours.

For 24v batteries, which are more efficient than their smaller cousins, 10 hours of charging (both the first and all subsequent charges) are enough.

As you can see, there's a theme here. The 10-hour charge is the average for the ride-on toy batteries.

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Ride-On Toy Charging Time Summary:

6v Powered Toys: Initial charge 10 hours. Regular charge approximately 6 hours.

12v Powered Toys: Initial charge 10 hours. Regular charge approximately 10 hours.

24v Powered Toys: Initial charge 18 hours. Regular charge approximately 10 hours.

The length of time it takes a battery to charge also depends on how much power the car needs and what terrain it is driving on.

6v batteries will usually last 45-60 minutes depending on the power requirements of the installed motor. 12v batteries are very similar.

Some 24-volt battery-operated toys run for 1hr to 1hr 30mins (these times will vary depending on the terrain).

Most 24v vehicles use lower power 12v motors, which make them more energy-efficient and extend battery life.

The best way to maximise riding time is by investing in a spare battery or two and making sure that you keep all batteries charged at full capacity.

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What Happens If I Over-Charge?

Problems occur when the battery isn't charged regularly or the ride-on toy is left out in extreme temperatures.

Since the vast majority of them are lead-acid batteries, which are sensitive to heat and cold, ride-on toys should be brought indoors when they're not in use.

A battery that is left out in the heat or cold temperatures will lose power very quickly because of the excessive temperature!

Should I Purchase A Spare Battery?

We recommend purchasing a spare ride-on toy battery to maximise ride time.

This is because the ride-on toys have a limited power supply and they will be depleted over time with frequent use.

A spare ride on toy battery can also enable you to recharge the other sooner than expected which means your child will be able to play for a longer period of time and ride more.

The best thing about ride-on toy batteries is that they are interchangeable, meaning you can buy any ride-on toy battery to replace the one in your ride-on toy with ease.

If you're not sure how to do this, please check with the retailer you purchased the toy from.

A spare ride-on toy battery should be kept charged at all times so that it's ready when needed!

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Do I Need To Condition My Battery?

Yes, batteries should be conditioned to ensure peak performance.

The ride-on toy battery should be fully charged and then discharged completely before the next charge cycle (or a maximum of three discharge cycles).

This allows the ride-on toy battery to calibrate itself so that when it needs power, it will know how much is left in your ride-on toys' batteries.

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How Will I Know When To Charge?

This is a popular question, and the answer is simple: some ride-on toys will have a power meter to indicate when they need charging.

If it doesn't have a meter, then you should ride it until the ride-on toy starts to slow down. This is a good indication to charge the ride-on toy battery.

Should I Remove The Battery After I Have Charged It?

There's really no need to remove ride-on toy batteries after charging.

If ride-on toys are stored for a long period of time, then yes, we would encourage you to remove the battery. However, it's still important to charge the battery regularly to ensure ride-on toy performance.

Note: Always refer to the instruction booklet your ride on came with. This is because ride-on toys may vary in regards to time of charge etc.

Is There a Warranty on the Batteries?

Oftentimes there is no warranty on ride-on toy batteries.

Some of them will come with a warranty and those are usually for one year or less while others may have an extended warranty depending on where you purchase the ride-on toy battery from.

You should always check the specifications when buying ride-on toy batteries to ensure that there is coverage in case something goes wrong.

If you're not sure, contact the ride-on toy battery company to find out how they deal with complaints and their warranty coverage!

Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide on ride-on toy battery time and how to make sure your ride-on is charged properly.

We hope that more parents will invest the time to read this and know how to charge ride-on toys.

This will ensure that your ride-on toy battery lasts a long time and maximise the ride time and also increase the enjoyment your child has with their new toy.!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime on email

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