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🎉 RiiRoo™ Ride-Ons: Personalise, Upgrade & FREE UK Delivery! 🎉
Fitting a RiiRoo Bluetooth Adapter to a Kids Electric Ride On Car

Fitting a RiiRoo Bluetooth Adapter to a Kids Electric Ride On Car


Today Stitch76 will be fitting Bluetooth into this ride-on car that comes just with a standard kid's stereo on this little Mercedes Amg GTR.

Note: You can purchase the Bluetooth Adapters here.

It's got an auxiliary input - To fit it takes minutes and your child can enjoy Bluetooth music in their car.

  1. Take out Bluetooth adapter (and 3.5 mm adapter that comes with it as well
  2. Fit that in the 3.5mm hole in the dash.
  3. Press power on the adapter
  4. Press the power button and as you can see
  5. It will start to blink (you see it's flashing between blue and red. That means it's in pairing mode.
  6. Grab your mobile phone, navigate to Bluetooth pairing settings
  7. The adapter should be displayed on the screen to be paired.
  8. Click pairing and pair the two devices.
  9. Once paired you can either play music via music stored on your phone, Spotify or Apple Music or go into YouTube and find some music there.

So it's really simple to charge as it comes with a mini USB lead as well, so you can just charge it up in the USB port on the dash.

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