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Electric Quad Bike Maintenance: How To Keep Your Ride Running Smoothly

Electric Quad Bike Maintenance: How To Keep Your Ride Running Smoothly

Are you new to electric quad bike ownership and don’t know where to start when it comes to maintenance?

You may be eager to keep your ride running smoothly, but lack the expertise or time necessary to carry out servicing yourself. electric quad bike maintenance

Don't worry - we've got you covered! In this article, you will learn how often you should service your electric quad bike, how you can perform basic maintenance tasks and what precautions you should take when riding in wet conditions.

With our comprehensive guide, you can get started on taking care of your electric quad bike with confidence!

Why You Should Maintain Your Electric Quad

Electric quad bike maintenance is an important part of responsible ownership. Regular servicing and proper upkeep are necessary to ensure that the machine runs smoothly while avoiding potential safety issues and costly repairs.

Not only that but dirt and debris can grind against essential fixtures such as brakes and chains when left to dry, leading to corrosion over time. A well-maintained electric quad bike will keep you safe, save you money in the long run, and make sure your ride remains a smooth one.

Additionally, regular servicing ensures the battery's longevity, so you can depend on your quad bike for years to come.

By following a few simple steps like tyre pressure checks, lubrication and cleaning, you can get started looking after your quad bike with confidence.

How Do You Take Care of an Electric Quad Bike?

Taking care of an electric quad bike is relatively straightforward, and it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as a traditional petrol-powered quad.

For starters, there is no engine to worry about with electric models, making servicing far simpler and more cost-effective.

Charging Battery Correctly

Charging the battery correctly is also important to ensure that the motor has a healthy life span; make sure you carefully read the manufacturer's instructions when charging yours.

Tyre Pressure and Brush Disc Brake

On top of this, checking tyre pressure and brushing the disc brake are other simple tasks that can keep your bike in optimal condition.

Whenever possible, it’s also a good idea to tighten bolts and nuts on unions, cables and other parts of your quad bike for extra security.

Develop an Effective Routine

With these few tips in mind, you can easily develop an effective routine to ensure your electric quad bike remains well taken care of.

Wiping down the bodywork

Just like any toy or machine, to maintain its performance it is important to regularly wipe down the bodywork of your quad bike.

Dirt and dust buildup can affect how well the electric motor runs, so use a soft cloth and appropriate cleaner if needed to keep it dirt-free.

You will also need to ensure that the footrests and pedals are clean, as this prevents slips and falls while riding.


Since electric quads are used as regularly as petrol powered-ones, it is important to lubricate all joints and hinges of the frame.

This will help ensure a smooth ride as well as eliminate any squeaking or creaking noises that may be present when cornering.


It is important to store your electric quad bike in a cool, dry place to avoid any water damage. Make sure the battery is charged and disconnected from the main power source when not in use.


Can Electric Quads Get Wet?

Electric quads should be able to safely handle rain and snow, but it is important not to submerge the bike in water. Additionally, use a waterproof cover or store the bike in a covered area when not using it, and remove dirt and debris from components. Know the weather conditions your quad can tolerate before taking it out for a ride.

How Long Do Electric Quads Last?

Electric quad bikes are powerful, reliable and a great way to get around. Before purchasing one, it's important to consider the type and power level you need in order to ensure it is able to meet your needs. Most electric quads come with batteries that can last up to an hour when fully charged - depending on the model and power level - so it's essential to estimate how long you expect your rides to be before buying. Additionally, be mindful of the weather conditions as these can affect your bike’s run time, and make sure to store it in a dry area when not in use.

What Happens If I Don't Service My Quad Bike?

Not servicing your electric quad bike regularly can have serious consequences. Without proper maintenance, components like the brakes, tyres and battery can all become worn out, reducing the performance and reliability of your bike. You’ll also be putting yourself at risk, as faulty parts could cause an accident to occur while on the road. To ensure your safety and get the most use out of your electric quad bike, it's important to service it regularly with specific maintenance tasks such as cleaning dirt from components, lubricating parts, putting in new filters, tightening loose screws and replacing damaged accessories.

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