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Why You Should Buy Your Ride On Car From RiiRoo

Why You Should Buy Your Ride On Car From RiiRoo

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Updated: 8.11.20

As you can appreciate there are quite a few places where you can purchase your ride-on toy from and sometimes a little hard to distinguish one company from another.

Who are you to trust?

How do you know you're going to get your delivery? and if there's a problem how quickly will it be sorted out?

We're guessing that these are just some of the questions you are asking yourself before you pull out your debit card to buy your kid or grandkid that favourite toy.

We hope that this short little article will make you see the difference between us and everyone else showing you that we're not all about selling toys? We actually care for the future generation that's one of the reasons why we set up the business.

By the way, our mission is:

We RiiRoo, do sincerely swear that we are all about fun, kids, safety, adventure and the great outdoors. It is our mission to extract children from LCD screens and get them out of the house... even if it takes 12-volts to do it!

Please feel free to check out our reviews at

Fastest Growing Ride On Toy Online Business

RiiRoo is the fastest growing ride-on toy online business in Europe. From our humble beginnings less than 6 years ago, we are already the leading ride-on toy online businesses available today.

We've got to say we're extremely proud of this achievement and put it down to the amazing vision we've had from the beginning of promoting indoor and outdoor play for our children.

To be honest, this is been a big shock for us and we weren't quite expecting this level of growth in such a short amount of time.

We would be lying if you said that we were totally ready for this because if we're being perfectly honest we weren't and our customer service has started to suffer as a result.

However, once we put the systems in place and we worked out but the logistics and customer service side of the business, RiiRoo has grown from strength to strength.

We’re doing a few things a little differently from the competition and we think that's why we having this unexpected success.

Largest Selection and Choice In Europe

Here at RiiRoo, we've made it a priority to listen to our customers. we take a look at what they're buying at the moment, and more importantly what they're not buying at the moment.

We carry out surveys and asked questions to try and grasp exactly what they looking for.

Even though we're only a small family business, we still use the very latest statistical technology and platforms to ensure we've got our finger on the pulse when it comes to choosing stock and overall stock control.

That's why we're able to offer the very best and the largest selection of ride-on toys on the market.

We stock a huge range of ride on: Bentley Ride on CarsMercedes, BMW, Audi2 Seater Ride On Cars with Remote Control12 Volt Ride on Toys24v Ride On Cars, Battery Operated Cars For KidsMaserati Ride on Cars, Scooters & TrikesChildrens Ride On CarsElectric Ride On Cars and Electric Quad Bikes.

Please feel free to check out our reviews at

Small Independent Business

Because we're a small independent company we are able to move a lot faster and even change direction if you feel that the market is changing.

We find that a lot of larger companies have better economies of scale (which means they get more for their money), but are very slow to recognise the trends in order to capitalise on them.

We feel this is our true strength and are not embarrassed to blow our own trumpet in regards to this.

Every ride on toy, car, motorbike, scooter, trike, and accessory has been strategically chosen by our buying team.

Not because those particular products are our favourites, but because there are customers favourites and they've asked us to stock them.

That's the true power of being small a Independent and not having to run things up a very long chain for decision to be made.

Customer Service Is Our Focus

Since we are small, we decided to really focus on the customer service that we offer.

We don’t have the same size marketing budget and marketing spend as large as the large corporates which means we sell a lot of products via word of mouth (i.e. our previous customers).

The funny thing is we don't see this as a weakness, we actually see it as a major strength.

As you may know, word-of-mouth advertising is a lot stronger (especially if it's from family and friends).

We Now Sell Petrol Ride Ons

Now, you may, or may not know that we launched a new range of toys for older kids called OneMoto.

To say thanks for being loyal customers, we would like to give you a gift.

ALL previous RiiRoo customers are eligible for 10% OFF our new OneMoto range. The discount code is: OneMoteDiscount01102020

You can also use "OneMoteDiscount01102020" by entering that code at the checkout.

Here Are The Terms:

10% off OneMoto Range Only

Minimum purchase of £299.00

For previous purchasers of RiiRoo only!

Limit of 1 use, one per customer

Active from 8th October 2020

Note: This discount is to be used on only.

Also, this discount is only for previous purchasers in the UK (mainland) and not Europe or anywhere else where you pay separately for delivery I'm afraid.

Click here to see the full range of petrol toys.

Great Reviews

From the warehouse to customer service, to IT, and through to the marketing department. We're all striving to do better than we did yesterday. Hopefully, you as a customer will feel the benefit of this?

For that reason, we decided to list all of our reviews on our product pages and also set up a separate review page to showcase the reasons why our customers are so happy.

We don't do this to brag or boast, but we do think it's helpful for customers that are on the fence of ordering something from RiiRoo to make an informed decision.

Please feel free to check out our reviews at

You may also get in touch with us at any time before, during or after you have purchased a product from us.

No matter what the reason.

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