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child in Captain America superhero sitting on BMW S1000RR ride on motorbike

Captain America Out Saving The World On His BMW S1000RR Ride On Motorbike

Super Hero on bmw ride on ike

This little Captain America superhero is loving saving the world on his brand new BMW S1000RR Ride On Motorbike.

This super cool pic was taken on his 4th birthday (as you can see) and kindly sent to us from @kamglen9. 

All of our ride on toys were engineered around safety, style and most importantly fun! Real engine and horn sounds! Turn the key and hear it roar just like the real thing!

Important Info!

Once you have received your item please make sure that the item is fully charged for the recommended amount of hours stated on the manual before its first use.

We also suggest giving the item a full charge after each use. If the item is not being used for a long period of time or is being put away we advise to charge it every 3 weeks (even if it was fully charged before it was put away) or disconnect the battery as this could damage the battery.

All ride-on cars/motorbikes have fabricated bodies without post-process; therefore, you may see imperfections and blemishes on the body & windscreen.

It is important to stress that we are not unique and this issue happens in quite a few industries where plastic is fabricated without post-process

Why RiiRoo?
Our Mission

We RiiRoo, do sincerely swear that we are all about fun, kids, safety, adventure and the great outdoors. It is our mission to extract children from LCD screens and get them out the house... even if it takes 12-volts to do it!

RiiRoo™- Let's Roll!

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