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RiiRoo's Top 10 Kid's Ride on Cars For Christmas

RiiRoo's Top 10 Kid's Ride on Cars For Christmas

Do you have a plan in place to hide a ride-on car-shaped surprise under the Christmas tree this year? First and foremost, an excellent selection, and be prepared for some ecstatic youngsters on December 25th!

Second, take a look at the top 10 kids ride on cars that you could well be giving as Christmas presents this year!

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S

Do you want to find the ideal present for your child?

Look no further...

This beautifully-designed Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 S kids ride on car with a parental remote control is the ideal gift for them.

Did you know that this is the most popular vehicle among parents and that it has been our best-selling ride on car for over a decade?

From the convenience of sitting in their own space, your child may now drive about in style.

You won't have to worry about them getting bored because it comes with its own built-in audio system, allowing our young drivers to listen to all of their favourite music while on the go.

Audi TT RS

The RiiRoo Licensed Audi TT RS 12V battery-powered ride-on car is a children's dream come true, allowing your kids to go on exciting new journeys.

The Audi TT RS, built with a performance car feel and appearance, has an authentic sensation and look.

They'll believe they're big enough for this incredible machine since it has the precise form and design.

The low/high-speed option, which may be switched on or off at the flip of a button, will be particularly appreciated by them.

Finally, as if it couldn't get any better, their TT RS comes standard with some rather interesting gadgets like an integrated media player that allows them to play their own music, as well as a horn that lets Mum and Dad know to move out of the way quickly.

If they've been wanting to get their driver's license and drive the real thing, this will excite them to no end.

Bentley EXP12

If your toddler is tired of playing with the same old toys, give them a burst of inspiration from our Licensed Bentley ExP12.

This electric ride on vehicle has all of the style and amenities of a luxury motor in a fantastic price range, making it ideal for parents.

The most famous concept vehicle of all time because it is beautiful and has "Bentley" written all over it. This looks fantastic, runs smoothly, and comes standard with Lambo Style doors with integrated hydraulic swing arm for yet more coolness on entry and exit!

It will be difficult to conceal this gift because you know exactly how they'll react when they first open it.

Bmw I8 Style 2020

It would be fantastic to have a car that looked like Mum and Dad's BMW, but only if they knew how to drive it.

This new RiRoo Bmw I8 Style 2020, on the other hand, allows them to take control of the wheel and operate with complete authority.

It has a remote control, which means you can steer left to right and also brake and accelerate using it.

Audi R8 Spyder SuperSport

If you're shopping for a toy for a tiny person, consider our 12V Battery Electric Audi R8 Spyder Super Sports Car Kids Ride On Car.

This isn't just a fantastic-looking replica of the real item. This bad boy is officially licensed by Audi, so all of the features, badges, and stickers are genuine.

Mercedes G65 AMG

If you're shopping for a gift for a youngster, the Licensed Mercedes G65 AMG Battery Electric Kids Ride On Car is ideal. Just be sure to have your camera handy so you can capture them opening this adorable package.

When they walk up to their new vehicle, they will daydream about the open road as they take control. With its all-round suspension system, cruising about the park in their new Mercedes will quickly become apparent.

It's not only the perfect Christmas present, but it'll also make a wonderful addition to any home. And it's not too difficult to construct; in fact, many children under 10 years old manage to construct this with you.

Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG

This Licensed Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG 12V Battery Electric Kids Ride On Car will not be able to stay out of someone's hands.

This has all the functions that will make your little one feel like a celebrity for the day, and it looks identical to its big brother.

They'll draw attention as you drive by their pals in a fully equipped, completely functional ride on Merc because it looks just like the real thing.

Only smaller.

As soon as you press the “BUY” button, you’ll be purchasing the most popular kid-friendly Merc that we sell here at RiiRoo.

Range Rover Velar Style

When the Range Rover Evoque Style was released, it was one of the first SUVs to look both useful and attractive at the same time. Fortunately, the ride-on version took all of these features from its bigger brother and created this absolute masterpiece.

It's no wonder why the older kids are enraged. Because there isn't a model that looks like the Evoque style that they can drive and have fun with, it's easy to understand why they're furious.

With its gorgeous design, all-wheel suspension that absorbs bumps, and comprehensive specification list that will keep them occupied and amused for hours.

The Evoque ride-on is a fantastic vehicle for developing their creativity. There are very few ride-ons that will engage their imagination like the Evoque will.

If you have the opportunity, watch the video below to discover all of the features from the functional lights to the integrated media system.

Range Rover Evoque Style

When the Range Rover Evoque Style initially debuted, it was one of the first SUVs to exude both practicality and beauty. The ride-on version, thankfully, took all of its big brother's features and created this masterpiece.

It's no surprise why the older kids are envious. Because there is no other car that looks like the Evoque style that they can drive and have fun with.

With its elegant design, all-wheel suspension that absorbs bumps, and comprehensive feature list to keep them entertained and happy.

The Evoque ride-on will undoubtedly encourage their creativity more than most other ride-ons on the market.

The Evoque is one of the few ride-ons that may truly stimulate kids' imaginations.

Check out the video below, which shows you all of the features from practical lights to integrated media system, for a closer look at this fantastic vehicle!

24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX

The 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX has all the power, fun, and flair your youngster needs to get the work done. It's tough and sturdy enough to tackle any terrain they may encounter on farms or in the woods during everyday use of farmland or wilderness exploration.

This UTV all-rounder comes with two soft-sided seats that hug them close at every turn, as well as a safety harness to keep them safe.

You may set your mind at ease when it comes to tackling anything life throws at it because you can see on the video below.

The Maxpow is a tough and dependable vehicle that you may use to explore the off-road terrain to inaccessible regions. Even the strongest environments won't deter this high-tech UTV, since it can withstand anything.

This all-purpose machine was created with your child's usage in mind, and it contains just about everything conceivable on the driver's dashboard for simple control of the entertainment settings, as well as comfy seats for up to two passengers.

The updated version also has upgraded 200W motors, making it considerably quicker and nimbler than the previous versions that we previously offered.

Make the gift extra special

Do you want to add some pizazz to the present? We provide a personalised number plate with each ride that is purchased. On top of that, you may purchase an extra presentation gift bow, kid's driving license set, rain/dust cover, and helmets.

Not only that, but we can also completely assemble your kids' new bike or quad bike for you since we have an in-house assembly facility, ensuring that it is ready to ride. This will be sent to your home for an additional charge.

Note: After you have chosen to personalise your number plate and clicked "Add To Cart" you will have the option to buy these extras.

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