Do you have a plan to hide a motorbike or a quad-shaped surprise under the Christmas tree this year?

First and foremost, excellent choice, and be ready for some very happy children on December 25th!

Second, take a look at the top 10 kids motorbikes and quad bikes that you could well be giving as Christmas presents this year.

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RiiRoo 24V Ride On Quad ATV Motorbike

Check out our latest RiiRoo 24V Battery Electric Quad ATV Battery Powered Quad Motorbike. This 2 wheel drive machine will provide your youngster with fantastic performance and limitless enjoyment guaranteed! All that matters is muddy, mucky off-roading fun, and the cool 2WD feature and tires with the grip and tread pattern of big boys' ensure it. With the ultra-tough ATV designed for the most thrilling adventures!

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BMW S1000RR 12V Motorbike

The BMW S1000RR Ride On Motorbike in is any bikers dream and every detail of it has been replicated in this model making it truly the best Motorbike ride on we’ve ever seen. This is a top-spec, ultra-high detail, official and licensed by BMW replica, and even comes with a BMW key for the ignition and start-up engine sounds.

OneQuad™ EX1S OneMoto Kids 1000w Electric Quad Bike

The OneMoto range is the only one to feature this, so check out our OneQuad EX1S, a powerful electric kids quad bike with a huge 1000cc engine. If your child thinks they can handle something bigger, this quad is ideal for them. This machine is designed for amusement as well as toughness. Even though it has heavy and aggressive looks, these quads are extremely nimble.

If you've ever struggled to start a quad bike, then this article should be helpful.

RiiRoo MXross MotorCross Ride on Motorbike 6V

It's difficult to tell the difference between this replica of the RiiRoo 6V Battery Electric MXross Motorbike and the genuine article! With outstanding fully functional suspension, deep tread tyres with incredible detail, and an ultra-high level of realism, it's ideal for a newbie off-roader.

OneQuad™ | PX1S | 49cc | 2-Stroke | Petrol ATV Quad Bike

If your youngster is seeking adventure and something different from the norm, you should take a look at our OneQuad 2020 PX1S OneMoto Kids 49cc Petrol Quad Bike.

Because new models are typically far superior than their predecessors, the OneQuad™ 2020 PX1S has a lot more power and torque than prior versions.

Here are some petrol models you may not have seen.

Ducati Style 12V Ride On Motorbike with MP3

This Ducati Style 12V Ride On Motorbike is a must-have for any Moto GP enthusiast. The ride is as smooth as it appears, and the build quality is incredible.

Take a look at our top 5 kids 12v ride-on motorbikes.

OneQuad™ | EX2S | 1000w | 36V | Electric ATV Quad Bike

The OneQuad EX2S is exclusive to our OneMoto range and comes in pink with a 1000cc motor and 36v lead acid battery. This is one tough machine that looks as intimidating as it performs. Your youngster will enjoy riding this around with the speed to give them a thrill they won't soon forget, thanks to front double mechanical damper and rear mono shock absorber.

With a chain drive, front and rear disk brakes, and a convenient tether cut-off switch that shuts off the engine when you take the chord out. This quad is designed to be both fun and safe. Reaching speeds of up to 18 mph in under a second at its maximum setting, this is probably the finest equivalent to a 50cc petrol quad bike without the trouble of regular refueling.

RiiRoo KTM Duke Style Ride On Motorbike/Trike 6V

RiiRoo KTM Style Kids 6V Battery Electric Ride On Bike Motorbike with forward and reverse gears, start-up sounds, and optional detachable stabilisers is a fantastic choice. This lovely motorbike combines the KTM design with long-lasting plastic that's built to withstand what your kid can throw at it.

OneATV™ | PX1S | 49cc | 2-Stroke | Petrol ATV Quad

The OneMoto PX1S Kids 49cc, 2-stroke petrol quad bike with max power 1.25kw is exclusively available in our OneATVTM collection. These next-generation quads are beyond compare and have a lot more torque and power than their predecessors.

They're also considerably quicker! Because this quad bike is far more powerful than its electric siblings, it's much faster and the enjoyment factor has been doubled. This is a high-quality bit of equipment that will last because it is powered by an air-cooled engine with a chain transmission. Despite being intended for children, it isn't underpowered since it reaches speeds of over 24 mph.

Vespa Licensed PX150 12V Kids Electric Ride on Motorbike

The Vespa Licensed PX150 12V Battery Electric Motorbike is one of our most popular motorbikes. With classic Vespa aesthetics and appearance. This is truly a fashion icon. This 12V ride-on version has been created especially for the stylish, fun-loving youngster in your life.

Make the gift extra special

Want to make the gift extra special? We offer a personalised number plate with every single ride on we sell. On top of that you can also purchase an additional presentation gift bow, kid's driving licence set, rain/dust cover and helmets.

That’s not all! We can fully build your kids’ new bike or quad bike for you since we have an in-house assembly service, so it’s ready to ride. This will be delivered straight to your home for an additional charge.

Note: After you have chosen to personalise your number plate and clicked "Add To Cart" you will have the option to buy these extras.

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