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RiiRoo Super Sport XL Kids Ride on Car Review | Power Wheels | Super Car XXL

RiiRoo Super Sport XL Kids Ride on Car Review

One of our customers took the time to record this awesome review of our RiiRoo Super Sport XL 24V 2 Seater Ride On Car in cherry red.

Excerpt from the video -

This is a review of the SuperSport XL kids ride on car from RiiRoo in the UK or BigToysGreenCountry in the USA.

This is a 24v 2 seater ride on as standard. My car has been modified and I have pointed out the modifications and stated what arrives as standard. I also discuss the build process for the car once it arrives and demonstrate the functions of the car.

This video is not sponsored by either RiiRoo or BigToysGreenCountry nor am I affiliated in any way with either of them. I am merely mentioning them to show where you can purchase this car from.

Here is his channel Stitch76.

📣 Standout Features 📣

  • 180W Powerful & Quiet Brushless Motor
  • 24V Battery
  • Adjustable Steering
  • Air Tyres
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Low/High Speed Mode
  • Padded Leather Style Seat
  • Separate Light Switch
  • Two Seater
  • Safety Belt
  • Integrated MultiMedia Console
  • Start-Up Engine Sounds
  • Functioning Horn
  • Functioning Lights
  • Opening Doors
  • Battery Voltage Display

 If you would like to order this car for your kids, then you can purchase it here. If we are out of stock, fill in your email on the product page and we'll inform you when it is back in stock!

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