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How To Teach Vowel Sounds So Your Kids Will Remember

How To Teach Vowel Sounds So Your Kids Will Remember

How To Teach Vowel Sounds So Your Kids Will Remember

Even though our children learn a lot from school, this doesn't mean that children find most things easy. in fact there are many that struggle with a whole host of different classes.

One of the things that young children struggle with the most is using vowels and knowing which contacts to use them.  That's why these children don't look forward to a spelling test example.

If they struggle with using vowels then they're definitely going to struggle when they try to spell something.

Now as you can appreciate they really do need to master this before they can move on to the next level and just by getting older doesn't really solve this problem. So here are a few things that might help your child to learn their vowels and no which context to use them.

Use Visuals

Did you know that most children find it much easier to learn when they're showing something visual then if you just write it down on a piece of paper on a whiteboard? For this reason, you might want to consider using alphabet teaching cards.

They're really cool since they show you a shortened version of a story where are certain characters have been designed as a letter making it much easier for your child to visualise and understand the vowel.

For this to be effective the object needs to be shaped as a letter and with lots of colour. you should find that this will make all of the difference as most children learn by visual cues.

Use Hand Motions

Along with alphabet cards,  you might also find it useful to use hand motions for each vowel.  for a lot of children especially in Middle School the hand motions will help with figure out or would they have previously struggled with it. 

This is helpful because it helps children associate the body motion with the shape of a letter and also the sounds they hear themselves saying. 

Iif they practice this enough, in time this will become second nature and they will no longer need to make these emotions will become automatic. 

Let's look at a few examples:

visual hand gestures

For “A” make a triangle pointing upwards with our fingers men touch their thumbs to make the tunnel.

For “E” they make a fist with their left hand and find the lowercase E their fingers made

For “I” they use an upraised hand.

For “O” they touch all of their fingers with to their thumb.

For “U” They use the hands Like An upside-down umbrella.

If they can memorize all of these shapes,  the little be a great foundation for them to learn their vowels.

Use Stories

You should be able to purchase no storybooks where in the letter in the alphabet is designed to match the shape. For example, with the letter, f could be a flag and “M” could be drawn as mountains.

It always makes things easier for them if the known object Lincs the shape of the letter to its sound. so with the combination of story and visual cues it makes it so much easier for your child to remember and all in turn help them to learn how to read. 

Download Our Visual Worksheet

visual example

 Please download here >> RiiRoo Vowel Worksheet

Helpful Hints

  • If you're sitting down and reading with your child and they mispronounce a word.  don't worry, all you need to do is make the hand motion for the vowel sound and you should find that this should help.
  • If you think your child will have problems with vowels,  then get them to practice making these shapes with their hands as often as possible.
  • Where possible start with short vowel words and as your children get better to introduce them too to larger words.


At RiiRoo, we are always looking for fun and exciting ways to entertain our kids and keep the occupied.

If you found this resource useful, please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if you have any ideas of other resources we can put together, we'd love to hear from you :)

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