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How To Make Your Own DIY RiiRoo Craft Car Cans

At RiiRoo we’re all about indoor and outdoor play. 

If we can encourage kids to spend more time with their parents and vice versa, then our job is done.

With the many different distractions out there like video games, TV and the dreaded mobile phone, kids are spending less and less time with their parents, which is a shame.

For that reason, the staff here at RiiRoo banged our heads together to try and figure out a way to sort out this problem.

So we decided to produce lots of different kids craft ideas and downloadable resources.

These resources are available to download directly from our website and require no signups at all. 

Simply click on the of the resource you would like to download, and “hey presto,” an instant resource for you to use.

So what sort of things will we be sharing?

He’s a shortlist to pique your interest:

RiiRoo Paper Traffic Cones to play navigation games

Kiddies Driving Licence

Kiddies Driving Test Bundle

RiiRoo Road Trip Activity Sheets

RiiRoo’s Favourite Waterparks

Birthday Invitations

RiiRoo Behaviour Chart

Pool Party Invitations

And many many more!!

So which one are we going to showcase in this article?

In this article, we are going to look at the "How To Make Your Own Car Cans" (which can be made inside or outside).

The RiiRoo Crafting Experience

If you are looking for some exciting things to do with your kids this weekend. Why not try a bit of crafting?

There are many craft ideas out there. However, this kids craft idea is ideal if they have a ride on car already.

DIY RiiRoo Craft Car Cans

Download your crafting resource. "right click and save as"

What other resources would you find useful?

Feel free to leave your comments below. 


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