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Licensed and An Unlicensed Ride On Car

What is the Difference Between A Licensed and An Unlicensed Ride On Car?

At RiiRoo we sell thousands of ride on toys every month and due to the sheer number of options available it can sometimes be confusing with all of the many different terms we mention.

With any luck, this article will answer one of the most popular questions we get asked (almost on a daily basis): -

What is the Difference Between Licensed and Unlicensed Ride On Car?

Licensed Ride On Cars

All RiiRoo licensed ride on cars and toys are manufactured under the supervision and blessing of the parent company’s engineers and brand holder. More specifically, the brands we work with are Bugatti, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ford, BMW, Maserati, Bentley, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Jaguar.

example of a licensed ride on car

In essence, they give the manufacturer the licence to use their badges, stickers and exact styling. Often, it is really hard to distinguish between the toy and the real thing. The amount of hard work and expertise that goes into making these replicas is truly astounding.

The brand owner oversees the overall quality and look of the cars and ensures it lives up to their standards. Any car designed and produced and manufactured that doesn’t is normally rejected.

If you are unsure whether a car is licensed or unlicensed, oftentimes the website will either display it in the title or description of the product page.

Unlicensed Ride On Cars

As you have probably worked out already? An unlicensed ride on car is exactly the opposite of a licensed one. 

The manufacturer does not have a licence to use the branding, badges or stickers of the brand owner. However, what they often do is produce near replicas of the real thing, but without the branding.

example of an unlicensed ride o car

Again, if you are unsure whether it is a licensed or unlicensed version, simply check the title or description of the car. With regards to the title it will describe the car using the term “style.” This means the car looks like the real thing but will not display any badges or stickers.

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What About Build Quality?

The build quality of both types of car is similar. However, the licensed versions will normally have more detail and slightly more features. 

The fact that the manufacturer can use the badges and stickers automatically makes the cars look different (especially with badges on the front grill or bonnet) 

Is There Much of A Price Difference?

To be honest, there is not that much price difference at all. Due to the competitive nature of ride-on cars. All of the cars sold at RiiRoo tend to be priced as competitively as possible.

Does Either Of Them Come Assembled?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make any difference which version of the car you buy, they will both need to be assembled. However, if you do require your car to be assembled, the option is once you add the car to the cart.

What Voltage Is Available?

There is no difference in voltage between an unlicensed or licensed car at all. So if you want either a 6V, 12V, 24V or 36V ride on car. Any of these voltages are available with all cars based on whether the retailer stocks them or not.

Do These Cars Come With Parental Remote Control?

If you purchase a ride on car with RiiRoo, the vast majority of ride-on cars we sell comes with parental remote control which means you (as the parent) have the ability to override the controls whenever you like.

It also means that if your child is unable to control the car themselves, you can still purchase one and control it on their behalf. That way, when they are mature or old enough, they can grow into the toy meaning it’s a toy that will last you a lot longer.

Who Else Sells These Ride On Cars?

Note: These are not recommendations since we have never had any dealings with these companies (Oftentimes, retailers go out of business, so we can't keep this list updated).

Our Advice: Before you purchase a car from an online retailer, please check out the reviews (inc Google reviews) first and ensure they are a UK limited company. They should have a similar company number like we have - Company Reg: 09747709. Sometimes the websites look British, but, are indeed Chinese.

eBay sellers

Amazon sellers


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Epic Stuff 

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Kids Cars Direct



Ride On Warehouse



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