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What is the maximum power of the 150cc 2020 Quad Bike - OneQuad | PX5S?

The maximum power of the 150cc 2020 Quad Bike - OneQuad | PX5S is 9.3kw at 7500rpm. This gives it a robust and strong performance.

Does the OneQuad | PX5S have a speed limiter?

No, the OneQuad | PX5S does not come with a speed limiter. This allows for a more thrilling ride.

What type of transmission does the OneQuad | PX5S use?

The OneQuad | PX5S uses a chain drive transmission with automatic gears. This makes it easy to ride and handle.

What is the cooling method of the OneQuad | PX5S?

The OneQuad | PX5S uses an air-cooled method to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently.

What type of petrol does the OneQuad | PX5S use?

The OneQuad | PX5S uses unleaded petrol. This is a common type of petrol and easy to find.

What are the front and rear brakes of the OneQuad | PX5S?

The OneQuad | PX5S is equipped with drum brakes at the front and disk brakes at the rear. This combination ensures effective braking and safety.

What is the weight of the OneQuad | PX5S?

The dry weight of the OneQuad | PX5S is 185KG. This makes it a sturdy and stable ride-on toy.

What is the maximum user weight that the OneQuad | PX5S can handle?

The OneQuad | PX5S can handle a maximum user weight of 150KG. This makes it suitable for a wide range of users.

What material is the frame of the OneQuad | PX5S made of?

The frame of the OneQuad | PX5S is made of steel. This ensures durability and longevity of the ride-on toy.

Does the OneQuad | PX5S come with working lights?

Yes, the OneQuad | PX5S does come with working lights. This adds to the fun and realism of the ride-on toy.

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