Questions & Answers

What is the maximum speed of the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S?

The OneBuggy™ | EX2S can reach an approximate maximum speed of 25 KM/H.

Does the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S have a speed limiter?

No, the OneBuggy™ | EX2S does not come with a speed limiter.

What type of battery does the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S use and what is its voltage?

The OneBuggy™ | EX2S uses a Lead Acid battery with a voltage of 36V.

How long does it take to fully charge the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S?

It takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge the OneBuggy™ | EX2S.

Does the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S have a braking system?

Yes, the OneBuggy™ | EX2S is equipped with Disk brakes on both the front and rear.

What are the dimensions and weight of the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S?

The OneBuggy™ | EX2S measures 145 x 84 x 111CM and weighs 68KG.

What is the maximum user weight for the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S?

The OneBuggy™ | EX2S can accommodate a maximum user weight of 70KG.

What material is the frame of the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S made of?

The frame of the OneBuggy™ | EX2S is made of iron.

What is the start-up method for the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S?

The OneBuggy™ | EX2S uses an electric start-up method with a pull start back-up.

Does the 1000W Off Road Buggy - OneBuggy™ | EX2S come with a seat belt?

Yes, the OneBuggy™ | EX2S is equipped with a seat belt for safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stuart C. (Southwark, GB)
One Buggy EX2S 1000w

Well made product but massively under-powered - my Son even struggles to go up a slight incline - really disappointed.

Dear Stuart,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the power-related challenges in our product. We appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to reach out if you believe there might be an issue with the vehicle. We're here to assist you.

Mr A.P. (Southampton, GB)
OneBuggy review

I bought a OneBuggy for my partners Grand Daughter who has just turned eight, she is roughly 4ft 8 and though I was initially concerned it may be too small or too big, it fits her perfectly, I am 5ft 8 and I can also just about get in and ride it too (had to make sure it worked of course:) what can I say it's great, it came in two days with the express delivery option, it was easy to put together, though like others I thought the instructions could be a little clearer, it is fast but not too fast and just to see the smile on the Grand Daughters face when it was revealed and when she drove it for the 1st time was worth the price alone,

Battery charges relatively quickly after the first initial 12hr charge,
The machine is well made and seems strong with most of it fabricated in metal,
It has easy to master controls,
The accelerator and brakes are responsive,
The wow and fun factors are great,
It looks awesome, people in the village came over to my open garage when I had just finished building it just to take a look,
The customer service at Riiroo is helpful and responsive,
As it is electric there are no emissions or petrol costs to worry about,
Chunky air filled tyres means it can handle all times of terrain, uneven grass, stone chip, dryish mud, gravel, concrete paving and even kerbs to around 5cm in height,
Roll cage offers some protection, though please note: I am not sure this vehicle could be officially classed as having a roll cage,
Children can genuinely develop an understanding of both driving and spacial awareness,

You can charge the battery in the car or remove the battery and charge it in doors, be warned though the battery is heavy and very fiddly to release from under the seat of the buggy,
I would like the option to purchase another 2/3 batteries but they seem to be unique to the car given the plastic housing they are in, I am on a waiting list at the Riiroo site as there does seem to be a 36v battery which might fit it but Riiroo have not confirmed whether it will fit the buggy yet so at £149 it could be an expensive risk,
The plastic decals are a pain to place on the bonnet and boot of the vehicle, take time to do this,
The lack of suspension sometimes means the ride can be a little hard and if you turn too sharp 1 wheel may raise off the ground meaning less traction, on grass or softer surfaces it is fine,

One slight criticism though is I bought this direct from the Riiroo website but found it was slightly cheaper on Riiroo's Ebay store,

Despite this minor issue overall I am very pleased with the purchase and recommend it highly, granted it is expensive but it seems worth the money, as I think it will put a smile on any little ones face and provide genuine fun and with additional batteries that fun will last for hours.

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