Questions & Answers

What is the maximum user height for the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy?

The Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy can accommodate a child up to 122cm tall.

Does the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy come with a parental remote control?

Yes, it does! There is an optional upgrade for a 2.4G parental remote control that allows you to take control when needed.

What type of surfaces is the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy compatible with?

This ride on toy is compatible with a variety of surfaces including short grass, carpet, wooden flooring, concrete, tiles, and gravel.

What type of seat material does the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy have?

The standard seat material is a leather style, but there is an optional upgrade for a padded leather style seat.

Does the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy have functioning lights?

Yes, it does! It has functioning lights at the front only.

Can I play music on the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy?

Absolutely! The ride on toy comes with a USB port, Aux In, and built-in radio for your child to enjoy their favourite tunes.

What is the maximum load capacity of the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy?

The Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy can support a maximum load of 50KG.

What is the battery life of the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy?

The ride on toy has an approximate runtime of 45 - 60 minutes on a full charge, which takes about 8 - 12 hours.

Can the doors of the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy be opened?

Yes, the doors of the ride on toy can be opened, adding to the realistic experience for your child.

What type of tyres does the Land Rover Discovery Licensed ride on toy have?

The ride on toy comes with EVA Soft Wheels, but there's also an optional upgrade for Soft EVA Tyres.

Customer Reviews

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S.A. (St Helens, GB)

Title: Disappointing Technical Support Experience with Riiroo Land Rover Discovery

As a concerned parent who purchased the Riiroo Land Rover Discovery for my daughter's Christmas gift in 2023, I had high hopes for a quality product backed by reliable customer support. However, my experience with their technical support team has left me deeply disappointed and frustrated.

The initial contact with customer service was promising. They were prompt in responding to my emails and appeared genuinely interested in resolving the issue my daughter encountered with her toy vehicle. However, my optimism quickly dwindled when the matter was escalated to the technical support team.

It became evident that the technical support team, presumably offshore, lacked the necessary expertise or resources to address the problem effectively. Despite multiple email exchanges and providing detailed information about the issue, their responses were consistently inadequate. It felt like they were following a script rather than genuinely troubleshooting the problem.

Over four weeks have passed since I first reached out for assistance, and I am no closer to a resolution. The lack of progress is not only frustrating but also concerning, as my daughter's enjoyment of her Christmas gift remains compromised.

Communication breakdowns between customer service and technical support have only exacerbated the issue. While the former has been responsive, the latter seems incapable of providing meaningful assistance. This disconnect reflects poorly on Riiroo's commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

As a consumer, investing in a toy vehicle like the Riiroo Land Rover Discovery comes with certain expectations, including reliable technical support in the event of issues. Regrettably, Riiroo has failed to meet these expectations, leaving me with a sense of disillusionment and regret over my purchase decision.

In conclusion, my experience with Riiroo's technical support for the Land Rover Discovery has been deeply disappointing. The lack of progress, inadequate responses, and apparent incompetence of the technical support team have tarnished the otherwise positive impression I had of the brand. I hope Riiroo takes steps to address these shortcomings and improve their technical support processes to ensure a more satisfactory experience for future customers.

Sean, thank you for sharing your feedback. We're truly sorry for the frustration and disappointment you've experienced with our technical support team regarding your daughter's RiiRoo Land Rover Discovery. Please get in touch with us so we can address this issue promptly and ensure your daughter can fully enjoy her Christmas gift. Additionally, I've attempted to locate an order using the information provided, but I couldn't find it. Please reach out so we can resolve this as soon as possible.

Adrian D. (Oldbury, GB)
Amazing Car

This car definitely turns heads when we take our child out on it to the park and she loves it.
The quality is great and it's pretty quick in the fast setting 😆.
I would highly recommend this Landrover.

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