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RiiRoo Police Pursuit Ride On Car Assembly & Instructions

Here is a quick video showing you how to assemble your RiiRoo Police Pursuit Ride On Car.

1. Your new RiiRoo Police Pursuit should come with small instruction booklet.

2. Ensure all of the parts are present before you start to assemble.

3. Place the body of the car on the floor or alternative flat surface.

RiiRoo Police Pursuit Ride On Car Assembly & Instructions

4. Remove the elastic band securing the motors.

5. Rear wheels >> (Ensure this order - wheel, washer, and finally split pin).

6. Attach the wheel and trim to the relative gaps on the wheel.

7. Front wheels >> (Ensure this order - wheel, washer, and finally split pin).

8. Attach the front wheel trim to the relative gaps on the wheel.

9. Repeat the process on the other side

10. Connect the battery terminal multi-plug

11. Once battery terminals are connected, check to see if the car powers up.

12. Remove nut & bolt from the steering wheel.

13. Connect the steering wheel wire to the multiplug protruding from the steering console.

14. Ensure the wire is threaded to the console once connected to prevent damage.

15. Ensure the steering wheel is lined up with the hole on the steering rod.

16. Secure the steering wheel with the nut & bolt that was previously removed.

17. Attach the front windscreen to the relative gaps on the bonnet.

18. Ensure the wire attached to the windscreen is threaded through the body of the car.

19. Connect the wire attached to the front windscreen to the wire underneath the car.

20. Slide seat onto the brackets.

21. Secure it by twisting the pin in the middle of the seat.

22. Attach the front bumper to the relative gaps on the front of the car.

23. Lineup the wing mirror with the relevant gap on the side door.

24. Secure it with screws.

25. Repeat the process on the other side.

26. Plug the radio into the media player and attach it to the hook on the dashboard.

How To Pair Your RiiRoo Police Pursuit Ride Ride On Car Parental Remote Control

Check Out Our Ride On Car Accessories

If you have either purchased a ride on toy or about to purchase one, did you know that there are a ton of accessories available for you to accompany your purchase?

These accessories are appropriate for all of the 6v, 12v and 24v toys we sell and are available as an add-on package with our toys or separately with free UK mainland delivery.

Depending on the accessory, they should be appropriate for both our 1 seater and 2 seater ride on cars.

RiiRoo™ GenX™ 16GB Ride on Car Key Shaped USB Stick - 16GB

So what are we talking about exactly?

Did you know that the vast majority of our ride on cars come with a built-in media centre packed full of fun for your kids to enjoy?

Not only do the cars come with preinstalled Fairy tales and music. You also have the ability to insert your kid’s favourite tunes with our stylish ride on car USB flash drive.

Simply insert it into the car’s entertainment system once you have downloaded their favourite songs and watch your kid’s face light up while they are bobbing to their favourite tunes as they’re tearing around! :)

RiiRoo Ride on Car Motorbike Quad Dust and Rain Cover

We know it isn't always possible to move Ride on Cars, Motorbikes or Quads in and out of the house or storage every day it is used therefore we have listened to our customer's feedback and we are now happy to provide you high quality and competitively priced ride on car Rain/Dust Covers just for those times. 

These great looking covers come with an adjustable cord around the bottom edge so it can be tightened around the bottom of the car so it won’t blow away.

You have 4 sizes to choose from:

Small - 100 x 55 x 45cm

Medium - 110 x 65 x 55cm

Large - 125 x 75 x 65cm

Extra Large - 140 x 85 x 75cm

Please note: These are not meant to be used for long term storage and will not prevent damp and mold reaching critical components of Electric Ride On's. Please keep this in mind before making the purchase.

For those wondering how these Ride-on covers are to be used here are a few ideas:

  1. It is late in the evening, relocating the ride on car is a hassle, you are worried it might rain, RiiRoo Rain Cover to the rescue.
  2. You'd like to keep the Ride-on in the best condition as possible, RiiRoo Rain Cover to the rescue.
  3. You have taken the Ride-on with you Camping, RiiRoo Rain Cover to the rescue.

RiiRoo Driving Test and Driving License Kit

Purchased a ride on toy - check!

Now let's really stretch their imagination by allowing them to take their very first driving test with our brand new ride on car driving test and license bundle.

What's included:

Driving Test

Pass Certificate

Driving License

RiiRoo 12 Month Battery Warranty

At RiiRoo, we work hard to ensure you have one of the best buying experiences and try to provide you with peace of mind.

However, If your battery fails to charge/recharge within the initial 12 months, then have no fear. By purchasing this ride on car battery warranty you are covered for 1 battery replacement within 12 months of your purchase.

Note: Consumables such as batteries are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Note: This cannot be purchased separately!

Ride On Toy Replacement Batteries

We have various ride on toy replacement batteries available from: 

If you unsure which battery you need, take a look at the battery you already have and then match it to one of our batteries. Alternatively, if you are not sure which one you need, get in touch and we would be happy to help.

Ride-On Car Replacement Remote Controls

We only supply remote controls for cars we sell here at RiiRoo and can’t guarantee they will work with cars purchased elsewhere.

If you find yourself with a car that doesn’t work or you’ve lost the remote control, you probably think you need to buy a new car. However, there are some alternatives.

Maybe what you need to do is purchase a replacement ride-on car remote control.

So, how do make sure this new remote control is the right fit for your car? Basically compare the pictures with your remote to the one in the image.

If the appearance of the remote controls is the same then this remote should be a good fit.


* Brand: RiiRoo

* Control Method: 2.4G Bluetooth

Package Content:

1 Kids Electric Ride On Car Remote Control Replacement

RiiRoo Ride On Car Practice Cones

If your kid is looking for an adventure beyond their ride on toy and craving for a bit of a challenge, then we have the just the thing.

Now you can get them to practice with their favorite ride on car or motorbike.  With a choice of a set of 4, 8 or 12 ride on car cones (simply use the drop-down boxes). 

Kids Personalised Number Plate Stickers

Personalise your child's ride on car, bike, scooter, skateboard or even bedroom door with these high quality self adhesive number plate stickers (these are not hard plastic which rot outside). To personalise - add the name in the gift message section then leave the name / text that you require (9 letters inc spaces, numbers and symbols)

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