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What Is The Difference Between The MaxPow Mini UTVMX and the 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX

What Is The Difference Between The MaxPow Mini UTVMX and the 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX

What Is The Difference Between The MaxPow Mini UTVMX and the 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX

Choosing the perfect ride-on toy can be daunting with so many options available, leading to confusion and decision paralysis.

With varying features such as battery voltage, seating capacity, and additional functionalities, it's easy to get lost in the details, making it hard to determine which ride-on toy will provide the most fun and value for your child.

To help you make an informed decision, we've compared the Maxpow UTV MX-1 and the 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX, breaking down their key differences and features.

Feature MaxPow Mini UTVMX 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX
Battery 12V/7AH, Runtime: 90-120 Minutes 24V (2 x 12V7AH), Runtime: 60-90 Minutes
Motors 2 x 25W 2 x 200W
Safety Features 5-Point Safety Harness, Safety Belt Safety Belt
Convenience Integrated Multimedia Console, Optional 2.4G Parental Remote Control Bluetooth Connectivity, Integrated Multimedia Console
Design Opening Doors, Battery Voltage Display All Wheel Suspension, Special Paint Design
Charge Time 10 - 12 Hours 8 - 12 Hours
Seating Capacity One Seater Two Seater

Key Differences

Battery and Power: The MaxPow Mini UTVMX features a 12V battery with two 25W motors, aiming for a balance between power and efficiency with an approximate runtime of 90-120 minutes. In contrast, the 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX boasts two powerful 200W motors, emphasising performance with a runtime of 60-90 minutes, highlighting its focus on power over duration.

Design and Features: Both models boast engaging features such as functional lights and multimedia consoles, with the addition of a padded leather-style seat option enhancing comfort. The single-seater MaxPow Mini UTVMX enhances safety with a portable battery pack and a 5-point safety harness. In contrast, the two-seater RiiRoo UTV-MX elevates the driving experience with all-wheel suspension and Bluetooth connectivity, available in various finishes for aesthetic appeal and functional superiority.

Additional Features: The Mini UTVMX supports a 2.4G parental remote control as an optional upgrade and showcases opening doors and a battery voltage display. The RiiRoo UTV-MX, with its all-wheel suspension and built-in FM/AM radio, prioritises a more immersive driving experience and convenience, including boot storage and a separate light switch.

These differences underscore the distinct approaches of each model towards balancing performance, safety, and user experience, catering to varying preferences and needs.

Maxpow UTV MX-1 Kids Battery Electric Ride-On

MaxPow Mini UTVMX

The MaxPow Mini UTVMX is an electrifying ride-on car that merges safety with fun, designed to captivate young adventurers.

It's equipped with a 12V battery and dual 25W motors, ensuring a blend of endurance and gentle power suitable for children.

This model emphasises safety with a 5-point harness and offers the luxury of optional upgrades like a padded leather-style seat and a 2.4G parental remote control.

Its integrated multimedia console, start-up engine sounds, and functioning lights promise an immersive driving experience, making every ride an adventure.

  • Motors: 2 x 25W
  • Battery: 12V/7AH, offering a runtime of 90-120 minutes.
  • Safety: Features a safety belt and a 5-point safety harness.
  • Convenience: Includes an integrated multimedia console and optional 2.4G parental remote control.
  • Design: Offers opening doors and a battery voltage display for a realistic feel.

24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX Ride-On Electric Buggy

RiiRoo RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX Ride on Buggy - 24V 4WD Black

The 24V RiiRoo MaxPow™ UTV-MX stands out as a powerhouse in the world of ride-on cars, designed for kids seeking thrilling adventures.

With a robust 24V battery powering dual 200W motors, this car delivers unmatched performance and excitement.

It's designed with all-wheel suspension and Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing every drive with stability and entertainment.

Optional soft EVA tyres and a padded leather-style seat upgrade elevate comfort and style, while the safety belt ensures a secure ride.

Its unique army camouflage or special paint designs add a cool, adventurous look.

  • Motors: 2 x 200W
  • Battery: 24V with dual 12V/7AH batteries, for 60-90 minutes of adventure.
  • Safety: Comes with a safety belt and room for upgrades for enhanced security.
  • Convenience: Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated multimedia console for endless fun.
  • Design: Features soft EVA tyres and a special paint design for a striking appearance.


The Maxpow UTV MX-1, designed for single riders, utilizes a 12V system with modest 25W motors, emphasising safety and moderate power for younger adventurers.

On the other hand, the RiiRoo UTV MX, a two-seater, ramps up the excitement with a 24V battery and significantly more powerful 200W motors, offering a more dynamic and engaging driving experience for pairs.

This stark power difference highlights the RiiRoo UTV MX's capability for longer, more adventurous journeys, contrasting with the Maxpow's focus on gentle, safe play.

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