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The Best Off-Road Electric Ride Ons For 2023 [Kids Love These]

If you kid is ready for an upgrade and they've had enough of zipping around on the carpet or garden patio, then check out these state-of-the-art off-road ride on toys.

They are the most powerful and stylish kids off-road electric ride-on toys you can buy this year!

Why Are Off-Roaders More Fun?

The reason why these kids off-road electric ride-ons are more fun is because they are ready for any terrain!

They can conquer dirt, sand, mud, grass. And most importantly they have fun doing it!

From taking on adventures in the wild to tearing up your backyard at home (if you let them!), these off-road electric ride-ons are ready to go anywhere and do anything…

If you want your kids to get more outdoor time then keep reading! We'll tell you about some of our favorite off-roaders that will make both you and your kid happy.

The Difference Between Electric and Petrol Ride-ons

The fact that these toys don't have a petrol engine means there is a lot less maintenance involved.

The motors are quiet so they won't annoy your neighbours while the kids use them.

They are also much easier to clean because there is no fuel and oil like with a petrol engine.

Even though they are not as fast as their petrol cousins, they have more than enough torque to send kids (and adults!) into a frenzy.

1. OneMonkey™ | EX1S | 250W | 24V | Electric Monkey Motorbike

Check out our OneMonkeyTM Design EX1S OneMoto Kids 250W Money Bike, which is exclusively available in our OneMoto range.

Probably one of the most amusing electric Money bikes we have. Getting to grips with this will undoubtedly be a hit with your youngster!

2. OneMX™ | EX1S | 36V Lithium | 500W | Dirt Bike

If you're looking for an entry-level dirt bike with some power, our OneMoto Kids 500W Dirt Bike 36V LI is a fantastic choice.

We're excited to introduce our latest value for money dirt bike, which is only available from OneMoto If you asked someone on the street about dirt bikes, the first thing that would come to mind is petrol dirt bikes, right? What a lot of people don't realise is how significantly the battery prices have decreased.

3. OneKart EX3S | 48V | 1000W | Electric Go Kart

If you're looking for something a little bit different, our OneKart Kids Electric Go Kart Buggy 48V Battery 1000W Motor EX3S is certainly worth considering.

With a strong 1000W motor that allows it to reach speeds of up to 22 mph, this fantastic buggy will provide your child with lots of excitement and thrill.

This one features hydraulic rear disk brakes and front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers, so you'll be fighting to get your kid in for supper.

4. OneKart™ | EX2S | 36V | 1000w | Electric Go Kart

Onemoto is a firm that sells high-quality, enjoyable motorbikes, quads, and buggies. We have a special treat for you if you like good quality, fun motorbikes, quads, and buggies.

Take a look at our new 1000w electric OneMX™ EX2S children's electric go-kart. This electric go-kart not only looks fantastic; it also rides just as well as it looks.

This is the improved model with a new seat, up-rated wheel bearings, pneumatic tubeless tires, and an LED battery status display.

For many youngsters, this will be their first real experience of off-roading enjoyment, and it's even more amazing because it's electric and isn't too loud.

5. OneQuad™ EX1S OneMoto Kids 1000w Electric Quad Bike

The most powerful electric bike to date, the OneMoto S is an all-terrain vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. This is a one-of-a-kind product, and it's only available on our OneMoto range (check out our OneQuad EX1S for a powerhouse youngsters' electric quad bike with a 1000w motor).

If you feel your child could handle something more powerful, this quad would be ideal for them. This is a serious machine designed with enjoyment in mind.

These quads, despite their tough appearance, are very nimble. The front double mechanical stopper and mono-shock absorber in the rear allow this big fella to remain stable while your kid is zipping around on one of these.


Are electric ride-ons safe?

Absolutely. Even though they are more powerful than your run-of-the-mill electric ride-on, they are still safe since they are electronically limited.

Are electric ride-ons difficult to maintain?

No, they are not difficult to maintain. The main difference is the fact that you need to charge the battery instead of filling it up with petrol.

Do they come with stabilisers?

Some do like our Onemonkey range and some don't like our OneKart and OneMX range.

What age does my kid have to be before they can use an electric ride-on?

There is no set age – the majority of these toys are electronically limited so there shouldn't be any problems with using them from a young age. However, please take note of the weight restrictions which vary depending on the product.


If you're looking for an electric ride-on that can handle some serious off-road terrain, then check out these options. They're all incredibly powerful and perfect for kids who love to explore.

Which one of these do you think your child will enjoy the most?

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