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The Top Kids Petrol Buggy [UPDATED FOR 2023]

If you're in the market for the best petrol buggy for kids, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of our top picks, based on their quality and durability, as well as user reviews.

Petrol buggies are similar to quad bikes, but they are designed specifically for children. They are safe and easy to operate, making them a great choice for kids of all ages.

The best petrol buggies for kids will have features that make them safe and easy to use, as well as being durable enough to withstand the rigors of off-road driving.

212cc 2 Seater Petrol Buggy UTV

The 212cc OneMoto 2 Seater UTV Buggy Go Kart with Storage & Roll Cage has been tested and is safe for children to ride. This go-anywhere buggy can climb steep hills and traverse thick muck, allowing your child to discover new places!

The 212cc Onemoto Buggy is superior to other models on the market. It includes two four-point safety harnesses, as well as an electric start and throttle limiter for simplicity with stop-go foot pedals and speed control.

It's quiet, making it perfect for home/garden usage and extremely durable. There are few two-seater buggies on the market for youngsters, which makes this 212 OneMotoBuggy an especially unique item for you and your child. This 212cc UTV Buggy is not only perfect for your kids but it can also be driven around by parents or grandparents (if you like).

We are confident that your kid will be off the ride in no time at all because they'll want to jump back on and drive around themselves for hours! The OneMoto 212 Buggy, which has a capacity of 212cc, is ideal for both children and adults.

OneUTV™ | PX5S | 163cc | 4-Stroke | Petrol UTV Buggy

Exclusive to our OneMoto collection, the OneUTV™ Buggy PX5S Kids 163cc, 4 stroke petrol buggy is a great choice. They have more torque and power than their predecessors with each generation and model. As a result, they deliver faster speeds, which generally equals a HUGE grin on your child's face.

The PX5S is a sturdy steel and roll frame buggy, built to endure your child's weight as they develop while also keeping them secure. This is important because children will be traveling up and down a variety of surfaces, including steep hills and muddy lanes.

It's a great choice if you want to give your kids a boost without being too intimidating. This electric vehicle is equipped with an air cooled engine, so it may be used by children. With a top speed of 22 mph, this buggy has left its electrical counterparts in the dust.

Both the front and rear disk brakes, as well as dual-a-arm damper shock absorbers, are included in the PX5S. As a result, this vehicle has been created to be as thrilling and interesting as possible.

This OneUTV™ Buggy PX5S has a robust structure that is meant to support your child's weight as they develop. This motorbike needs to be put together and any stickers should be applied upon delivery.

RiiRoo 80cc Off road Petrol Buggy

The Kart Racer Xtreme DIRT RUSH 80cc is a one-of-a-kind off-road experience for children and big kids alike.

Hold on to your helmets because these are a lot more high-tech than other RiiRoo products, with hydraulic brakes and a beefy 80cc 4 stroke OHV engine that can reach speeds of up to 20mph!

We also sell kids petrol motorbikes and quad bikes.

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