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Our Clients Go to Any Length to Get a BMW X6 Ride On Car

Our Clients Go to Any Length to Get a BMW X6 Ride On Car

Our very latest BMW X6 Licensed 12V Ride On Car has been extremely popular with customers all around the world.

Generally, customers order these online and have it delivered in time for birthdays or other special events. However, there are a few times when clients simply need to get their ride on toys ASAP and just can't wait for the delivery.

One happy customer by the name of Slavi Kolenarov was so determined to collect his new purchase from our showroom in Corby. He decided to do whatever it took to get his new purchase home.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the BMW ride on car, it simply wouldn't fit into his car, no matter how much he shoved, squeezed and pushed.

Thankfully, help was on hand and one of our warehouse operatives was just as determined as Slavi to get this car home to his family.

As you can see from the amazing images above. The two stopped at nothing to secure his new BMW (small) to the roof his own BMW (large).

Needless To Say, there was one happy youngster who appreciated the effort they went to :)

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