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10 Signs You're Done Having Kids

It's kind of a big deal when you're thinking of not having more kids.

You might be feeling a bit emotional about the decision, or you may be feeling like it's time to close up shop.

Here are 10 signs that you're done having kids:

1. You are no longer envious of pregnancy announcements

You probably remember those notifications coming up on your phone of someone you know announcing their pregnancy. unhappy child with her parents

In the past, you would have felt a twinge of jealousy or excitement, but now all you feel is a mild inconvenience. You may even be annoyed at how often it happens.

2. You are okay with never experiencing birth again

If you've been through a pregnancy a few times, you know that it's not all rainbows and butterflies.

There's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that go into it. If you're no longer interested in going through the motions, it may be a sign that you're done.

Let's face it. Pregnancy is not fun the vast majority of the time. If you're not constantly running to the toilet to vomit, you're dealing with back pain, insomnia, and constant food cravings.

3. You can let go of baby things easily

OK, you might want to keep a few momentos here and there. But for the most part, you're able to let go of baby clothes, toys, and other things with ease.

You don't feel sentimental about them like you used to and it's no big deal if they get sold or donated.

4. Your family feels complete

Whether you have one child or more, you feel like your family is complete. You can't imagine adding anyone else to the mix.

It's not that you don't love children, it's just that you're done having your own.

It might also be the case that your partner either does not want or is not able to have any more children.

If this is the case, your decision has pretty much been made for you.

5. You look forward to a new season of parenting

You're not in the newborn or toddler stage anymore and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your kids are (mostly) independent and you don't have to worry about things like potty training or midnight feedings.

Instead, you're looking forward to new seasons like school and extracurricular activities.

Think of it as chapters in your life.

You're closing one and starting another.

6. You are happy with your parenting style

Oftentimes, busy parents struggle to manage with the children they already have. Adding more to the mix may not be ideal when you're already struggling.

You may have also found your parenting style and are confident in how you're raising your children.

You're not interested in changing things up or starting over with a new baby.

You're not the only one that feels this way. In fact, many parents feel like they're finally getting the hang of things by the time their youngest child is 3 or 4 years old.

7. You don't mind being a single parent

Some parents thrive on having a partner to help them with the kids. Others are perfectly content flying solo.

If you're in the latter category, it may be a sign that you're done having kids.

You're confident in your abilities as a parent and don't feel like you need someone else to help out.

You've reached the stage when you are starting to get a bit more time for yourself anyway, so why add another person to the mix?

8. Your career is a priority

Like most parents, you had a career before you became pregnant. Once you had kids, your priorities may have shifted and your career took a backseat.

But now that your children are older, you're starting to think about your career again. You want to focus on advancing in your field or maybe even changing careers entirely.

Whatever the case may be, your career is a priority and you don't want to have to put it on hold for another child.

9. Your social life is more important than ever

Social life. You remember what that is, right?

It's that thing you used to do before you had kids. Now that your children are a bit older, you're starting to reclaim your social life.

You're making plans with your friends again and actually getting to see them on a regular basis.

You're not interested in giving up this newfound freedom for another baby.

10. You feel ready to be done with diapers and tantrums

Hands up who likes changing diapers and dealing with tantrums? We thought so.

If you're done with these two things (and let's be honest, who isn't?), it might be a sign that you're done having kids.

Parenting is tough enough without having to deal with the joys of potty training and temper tantrums.

If you're over it, that's OK! You don't have to have any more children just because society tells you to.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few signs that you might be done having kids. Of course, only you can decide if you're truly ready to close this chapter of your life. But if any of these resonate with you, it might be time to start thinking about your next steps.

Is this something that you have given any thought to?

Do you feel like you're done having kids or do you think you might want more?

Let us know in the comments!

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10 Signs You're Done Having Kids

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