Photo-realistic urban scene where a woman is commuting on a blue electric bicycle

In bustling London, where every second counts, efficient and sustainable modes of transportation are always in high demand.

Have you ever considered the idea of hopping onto an electric bike?

Zipping through the iconic streets, enjoying the London air, all while making an eco-conscious choice.

Today, we’re diving deep into the various e-bike rental services available in London.

By the end of this guide, you'll be fully equipped with the knowledge to choose the best option, whether you're a savvy local or an enthusiastic visitor. 

Summary of Electric Bike Rental Rates In London

Rental Service Rates Source(s)
Lime bike £1 to start and then 23p per minute [1]
Dott bike £1 to unlock and 19p per minute [2]
Santander bike £3.30 for single rides up to 30 minutes [1], [2]
HumanForest bike 10 minutes of free riding, then 15p per minute [2]
Zoomo bike Monthly prices range from £119 to £149, depending on the plan [5], [6]
Ribble Valley e-bike hire Half-day rental for road and hybrid bikes starts at £42, while unassisted bikes cost £40 per day [3]


It's worth noting that the prices and availability of electric bike rental services in London may change over time, so it's best to check the websites or apps of the specific rental companies for the most up-to-date information.

Key Electric Bike Rental Options in London

You’re in luck! London offers a myriad of choices when it comes to e-bike rentals. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Lime Bike

Ever noticed those bright green bikes around town? That's Lime Bike for you.

  • Cost: Just a quid to kick off, and then 23p for each passing minute.

  • How to Ride? Simply download the Lime or Uber app and off you go!

Human Forest

Think of it as a mini escape into nature, right in the heart of London.

  • Cost: Start with 10 free minutes of riding each day. After that, it's just 19p a minute. Beware though, if you decide to park outside their designated green bays, there's an added cost of £1.50.

  • Hop On! Get the Human Forest app and set your wheels in motion.

Dott and Tier

Two fantastic options for the decisive riders.

  • Cost: Unlocking sets you back by £1, with a 19p per minute ride charge.

  • Things to Remember: These bikes play hard to get - no reserving in advance. And remember to park them in their designated spots.

  • Ready to Ride? It’s as simple as downloading the Dott and Tier apps.

Santander Bikes

Ah, the classic! If you haven't seen one of these around, have you even been to London?

  • Cost: For the e-bike variant, it's £3.30 for rides up to half an hour.

  • Gear Up: Use the Santander Cycles app or their physical key, and you’re set to explore!

App Name Description Source(s)
Lime app Largest e-bike fleet in London, accessible via Lime or Uber app. [1], [3]
Dott app E-bike fleet in South and West London, unlock via Dott app. [2]
Santander Cycles app Oldest bike rental scheme with a large fleet, includes electric bikes, register via app. [2]
HumanForest app Offers e-bikes in London, unlock via HumanForest app. [5], [2]
FreeNow app Offers e-bikes in London via TIER and forest, find them using FreeNow app. [6]


It's worth noting that the availability of electric bike apps in London may change over time, so it's best to check the websites or apps of the specific rental companies for the most up-to-date information.

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Things to Ponder When Picking an E-Bike Service

Watch out for those pennies!

Prices can be as unpredictable as the London weather. They might vary based on demand, ongoing promotions, or a dozen other reasons.

It's always wise to check the respective app just before you plan to ride.

The hidden bits – parking and other charges

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it concerns your wallet. Some services might have additional charges lurking in the shadows – like those pesky parking fees.

Is it available when you need it?

While some services may boast a large fleet, they might be scattered around the city.

And if you're in a rush, you wouldn’t want to walk a mile just to find your ride, would you?

Just like the Tube has rush hours, e-bike rentals have peak times too:

  • Morning and Evening Rush: Typically, between 7-9 am and 5-7 pm, you might find a higher demand for e-bikes as people commute to and from work.

  • Weekends: Popular tourist spots may see a surge in e-bike usage, especially on sunny weekends.

  • Planning Ahead: If you know you'll need an e-bike at these peak times, it's wise to reach your preferred pickup spot a bit earlier.

E-Bike Benefits in an Urban Setting

Navigating an urban jungle like London can be a task, but e-bikes emerge as a breath of fresh air amidst the urban chaos.

Here's why:

  • Ease of Parking: No more circling around to find a spot. E-bikes require minimal space and can be conveniently parked in designated areas or green parking bays. This ease makes them a top choice for electric bike rental in London.

  • Avoiding Traffic: With London's extensive cycle lanes and routes, e-bikes allow you to navigate through traffic. Turn hours-long waits into mere minutes.

  • Health Benefits: Beyond just cycling, using e-bikes as a mode of public transport offers effective cardio exercise, ensuring you're looking after your health while commuting.

  • Eco-Friendly Commute: Opting for electric bike rental schemes over cars contributes to reducing carbon emissions. It's your little step towards a greener capital city, central London.

E-Bike Benefit Description
Ease of Parking Convenient parking in designated areas or green bays; requires minimal space.
Avoiding Traffic Utilise London's cycle lanes to navigate and reduce commute times.
Health Benefits Effective cardio exercise while commuting.
Eco-Friendly Commute Reduce carbon emissions by choosing e-bikes over cars for a greener London.


Navigating an urban setting like London becomes easier and eco-friendly with e-bikes, offering various benefits amidst the city's chaos.

Safety Tips for Riding E-Bikes in London

Safety first! London's bustling streets can be challenging, but with a few precautions, you can ensure a smooth ride:

  • Know Your Route: It's always good to familiarise yourself with the route. Check for bike lanes and avoid extremely busy roads when possible.

  • Gear Up: A helmet isn't just an accessory; it's a lifesaver. Always wear one, and if possible, add reflective gear to your attire, especially during evenings.

  • Bike Check: Before setting off, give your e-bike a quick check. Ensure the brakes are working, and the lights (both front and back) are functional.

  • Stay Alert: Always be aware of your surroundings. Look out for pedestrians, watch for cars, and always signal before making a turn.

Maintenance & Responsibility

Even though you don’t own the bike, it's a shared responsibility to keep it in good shape for the next user:

  • Quick Inspection: Always check the e-bike for any visible damage before you start your journey. If you notice something off, it's best to choose another bike.

  • Clean Riding: Avoid muddy paths or water-logged areas. This not only ensures a safe ride but also keeps the bike clean for the next user.

  • Proper Parking: Always park the e-bike in designated areas. Leaving it randomly on sidewalks or non-designated zones can inconvenience others.

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Why E-Bikes Are More Than Just A Transport Mode

E-bikes aren’t just about getting from point A to B. They represent London’s stride towards a greener future. Imagine reducing traffic and noise while saving the environment.

Riding an e-bike in London is like planting a tree in Trafalgar Square with every mile you cover.

Whether you’re a local darting between meetings or a tourist with a day’s itinerary, e-bikes are the perfect companions for a cleaner, greener journey.

Wrapping Up:

Navigating the heart of London atop an electric bike is not just about convenience. It's an eco-conscious choice, a statement of sustainability, and an adventure in its own right.

With numerous e-bike services dotting the city, there's an option for every wallet and whim. But as with all choices in life, knowledge is power.

By comparing costs and features, you ensure that your e-bike experience is as smooth as the ride itself.

So, next time you think about getting around London, why not do it the electric way?


How do London's electric bike rental schemes support sustainable transportation?

Electric bike rental schemes in London are designed to provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional means of transport, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The ease of renting e-bikes encourages more people to opt for this sustainable mode over cars, further helping in reducing the city's carbon footprint.

Are there any membership options for regular e-bike users in London?

Yes, Santander Cycles in London offers membership options tailored for regular users. You can opt for a monthly membership at £20 or take advantage of their annual plan for £120. This scheme now includes e-bikes, making it a versatile choice for daily commuters and enthusiasts alike.

How do the e-bike rental apps ensure the safety of their riders in London?

E-bike rental companies are committed to rider safety. Most apps provide guidelines on safe riding practices, and some even have built-in features like tutorials or safety checks before a ride. Additionally, many e-bikes come with safety features such as lights, bells, and reflectors to ensure visibility and safe commuting.

Apart from cost, what factors should I consider when choosing an e-bike rental app in London?

When choosing an e-bike rental app, you should consider the availability of bikes in your frequent commuting areas, the ease of use of the app, customer support, safety features of the bikes, and any additional benefits like membership discounts or reward programs. It's essential to find an app that offers a combination of convenience, safety, and value for money.

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