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Could You Help in Our Efforts to Help Jesse Receive Potentially Life Saving Leukaemia Treatment?

Could You Help in Our Efforts to Help Jesse Receive Potentially Life Saving Leukaemia Treatment?

On August 16, 2022, Jesse was diagnosed with high-risk acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which means that standard treatments available through the National Health Service in the UK might not be successful.

This means we need to help raise money quickly to ensure the family has the funds ready to pay for the right treatment if he needs it.

Out of the thousands of children in the UK, only around 100 are diagnosed yearly. Jesse's parents discovered that their son was in the 'high-risk category' two weeks after treatment and since then his genetic testing has revealed he has a rare gene rearrangement (FLT3) that is found less than 10% percent out of all children affected by AML.

The survivor rate for these specific gene mutations is very low meaning the family is fighting against time to get him the right treatment.

Since Jesse's genetics are unique, there is a greater chance the transplant will fail. If that happens, the best option would likely be chemotherapy with an FLT3 Inhibitor drug treatment in the US or the Far East (e.g., Singapore).

This type of treatment depends on if Jesse can have the Stem Cell Transplant. It's not available through NHS and could cost more than £250,000-£500,000 pounds.

In the UK, these drugs have not been approved for use on children.- Jesse is currently participating in a trial for the treatment he is receiving.

We're dedicated to supporting the family's fundraising efforts as they prepare for the next steps in combating this terrible disease.

With that in mind, RiiRoo is helping to shine a light on their efforts in the hopes that others might be inspired to donate and help Jesse and his family through this difficult time.

To make a donation, please visit:

Every little bit helps and we are immensely grateful for your support.

Thank you!

The RiiRoo Team

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