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RiiRoo – Getting Kids Active
RiiRoo (pronounced ree-roo) is an organisation dedicated to reuniting children with the outdoors both great and small.
We are all about summer afternoons in the park, early starts and coming home late... we're about connecting people... we're about unforgettable moments and we're ALL about the joy of motion and giving them the feeling of a day well lived.
We believe the only tablets kids should be allowed are fudge and the occasional vitamin.

Our mission is to steer kids away from screens and get them into tree houses, egg and spoon races and because why not, Segway cricket (yes it's a thing).

RiiRoo was started with a core belief that we would do things much better and would you believe it, a million orders later we can honestly say we still put our customers first.

Our basic philosophy is all carrot and no stick. We boast a chocolate factory full of clever
gizmos and gadgets like electronic scooters, jet fighters, and hoverboards.
Using tried and tested ride-on toys designed to get families out the door and into the great beyond.

Our catalogue is the stuff of childhood dreams. The sort of things Rockstars and Royalty gave their kids for Christmas when we were young.

The world has changed, prices have come down and the playing field has now been truly levelled. For what you'd pay for a mid-sized, trade-marked set of plastic building bricks, we can give your kids the freedom of the outside world.

We care about fun and keeping kids active and safe, not necessarily in that order.

We have searched all around the world for the safest, coolest, most reliable runabouts for kids and we think you will find that our catalogue is truly epic.
Something else you wanna know?

Here's our number: 0153 626 8088 and here's our email: we're always happy to chat! :)
Let's Roll!

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