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So Pleased with the product - it looks great and I'm sure my grandson will love it. The car arrived promptly and was easy to build. Would highly recommend.

Tractor and trailer

Arrived quickly and easy to put together and synchronize the remote. Works well but with no passenger yet.
The towing hitch is a tight fit so reversing with the trailer attached is difficult, if it slackens off or had some weight in it could be better. I have enjoyed playing with it and looking forward to seeing the grandchildren in it soon. I would recommend this tractor and good service from Riiroo.

Really disappointed

Have to say I'm so disappointed (and I have contacted customer services multiple times and had no reply). Our trike was delivered with numerous marks, dents and scuffs. It came in a second hand condition even though we had obviously brought and paid for a brand new item. I've called / emailed multiple times and noone has got back to me. Really disappointed

My son love his new birthday gift,I am equally happy with the purchase.

Great product

Got this for my 3 year old boy for his birthday
It’s a lovely bike and my 5 year old is also obsessed. It’s moves pretty quickly - love it and great value for money

Hot crossed buns

1 a penny 2 a penny hot crossed buns

Absolutely delighted with my merc for my grandson, he’s be sitting in it since we got it for him, looks great, wanted one with a remote as he’s too young to drive it right now so expecting him to have a few years of fun with this

Love it 5*

Bought this for my 2 year old and it’s amazing lovely car easy to put together personalised number plates we took it out today and it even tells you when the battery is getting low so we could get back before it ran out of battery


I have bought this for my fist grandson's 1st birthday, can't wait to see his little face light up, fast delivery and great communication A****

Very. Good for my kid

Something what is missing from car is a proper seat belt . I am currently searching to fit one . The rest is a good experience

Ride on not working

I'm not impressed, the ride on looks great, it would be perfect if it would go! Followed instructions to the letter and it makes an awful noise and doesn't go. Also the little front headlamp dose not work.
Still awaiting help or replacement but I doubt I'll get it. I have one devastated 5 year old son


Son loves it

Great product easily assembled. Wish battery life was longer. My 6 year old would use it all day if he could! a good way!!

Absolutely superb. The Parental Remote is a must and so worth every penny!! The pics below speak volumes.
She's even eating her dinner in the car!
Advice.... pay the £100 to have it ready made...unless your'e an engineer! :-)

Parts missing.

On opening it initially, I realised there was a hub cap missing from the rear wheel. So I didn't bother starting to build it. Credit where Credit is due, one was sent out the next day. It did however come without the screws needed to fit the hub cap to match the other three wheels. I also then noticed that the charger plug does not fit the insert on the tractor itself. So maybe wrong power supply has also been supplied. Not the best initial experience. Will be seeking full refund before I attempt to build it, as I have a feeling it won't be the last of issues with this particular ride on toy. Huge disappointment as it was a birthday gift to my Son.

Amazing product

We bought the BMW ride on as a gift and the birthday boy loves it! Amazing value, easy to assemble, and he is the coolest kid on the block. Thank you so much.

Stronger than it looks

Although the information that came along with it says maximum recommendation: 6years but it looks smaller than a 6years old. He refused for us to return it and then We let him have it. But it is actually stronger than it looks, it’s been working well so far with no faults and seems to carry his weight and height well. He sure is obsessed with the car. MP3 works, just there’s no way to turn off the front lights. Overall, it’s not bad for the price, carrying the 6year old weight well so far and everyone is happy. Improvements should be done on the battery life and maybe weight recommendations instead of age will help the confusion.


My daughter loves her car!
She is always sat in it even just to watch some TV,
Easy to put together amazing price!
Overall amazing product
Thank you!

Terrible instructions

Hi If your thinking of buying this product there are a few things that let this product down the 1st is a video that was emailed informing you how to build the car which looked very easy but unfortunately it was nothing like the car I was building apart from they were both range rovers! The 2nd is the paper instructions didn’t make any sense at all there are bits left over as I can’t figure out what there for. Also the bonnet doesn't fit properly. I’m only giving this 3 stars because my daughter absolutely loves it.

Happy Grandson

I received delivery last week of our Mercedes GLC, delivery was spot on thanks to the delivery driver who took time to check and make sure there was no kids around the delivery point, the product looks brilliant and value for money so easy to set up. initial operation, charging and set up is good only time will tell on the battery as not used enough yet.

Mixed review here.

I had ordered the Lamborghini for my son's birthday below are my pros(+) and cons(-)
Delivery was fast which I what I wanted so I paid the extra to get it quick.(+)
When it arrived I paid for it to be built. It wasn't built.15 extra quid for nothing (-)
It did come with the stickers on. Which were on wrong folds in them misplaced and misshaped (-)
It did not come with the seat that it shows with the lambo logo. I Was disappointed at this(-)
And the car itself was scratched on a few places. Was tempted to return it but I wouldn't have had a new one for my boys birthday.(-)
My son loved it but I was unhappy about it. But if he's happy it's all good. (-) The battery warranty.... It's fine can't really say I have used the warranty if I need to use it Al Write another review.

overall I don't think it's worth the money I paid for it. When it had all these problems. If these problems weren't there I would have happly paid what I did.

Super car

My 6 year old son absolutely loved this car. We ordered this for Eid. He has always wanted one. Its a two seater so he plays with his two sisters who are 5 and 3. The 3 year old jumps into the boot. Just a fantastic car. It is really fast. Cant wait for the kids to try it out in the park

Audi TT RS
Amazing birthday gift

Really loved the Audi TT RS. Looks beautiful

volkswagon beatle

A little disappointed. The neon lights are not clear around the whole of the steering wheel. Also the labels on the car had started to peel off when we had unwrapped. The tyres did not look crisp and new and looked like they had been used. Couple of fabricated marks too. We have our suspicion this was not a brand new article and had been re wrapped.


This was my 4-year-old boy's gift. He is super excited and happy. It is very easy to assemble and drive. I had a problem the music doesn't work, but we got a £ 20 refund and I hope we can glue the thread which is stripped because the boy is a little disappointed that the music doesn't work. Otherwise everything is ok it was the perfect gift


My nephew was over the moon such a lovely toy car he couldn’t get over it it’s a fantastic gift thank you I am really impressed by it