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BMW i8 vs BMW i4 vs BMW 6 GT M Sport: Kids Electric Ride on Car Comparision

Choosing the perfect Kids Electric Ride on Toy can be thrilling yet challenging, with several fantastic options available 🎉. In the spotlight are the BMW I8 Licensed, BMW I4 Licensed, and BMW GT 6 M Sport kids ride-on cars, each brimming with unique features and capabilities.

BMW I8, BMW I4, and BMW GT 6 M Sport

Let's delve into the distinct features of these models and how they stand against each other:

Feature Comparison: BMW I8 vs BMW I4 vs BMW GT 6 M Sport Kids 12V Ride on Cars

Feature BMW I8 BMW I4 BMW GT 6 M Sport
Recommended Age & Max Load Up to 6 Years, 30KG Up to 7 Years, 30KG Up to 5 Years, 30KG
Battery Life & Specs 45-60 minutes, 12V4.5AH 60-90 minutes, 12V7AH 45-60 minutes, 12V7AH
Suspension System Rear Wheel Suspension Rear Wheel Suspension Rear Wheel Suspension
Speed Control Low/High Speed Mode No Low/High Speed Mode
Bluetooth Connectivity No Yes No
Tyre Type EVA Soft Wheels* (Optional) EVA Soft Wheels* (Optional) Plastic with GrippMoz™ Strip
Seat Material Padded Leather Style* (Optional) Leather Style* (Optional) Leather Style* (Optional)
Remote Control 2.4G - Optional Upgrade 2.4G - Optional Upgrade 2.4G - Optional Upgrade

For a comprehensive understanding and comparison, explore the detailed features of the BMW I8, BMW I4, and BMW GT 6 M Sport to make the best choice for your little one's adventure 🧐.

Frequently Asked Questions 💬

Which model offers the longest battery life?
The BMW I4 stands out with a battery life of 60-90 minutes, outlasting the BMW I8 and BMW GT 6 M Sport which both offer 45-60 minutes.
Can I control the car if my child is driving?
Yes, all three models offer an optional 2.4G parental remote control upgrade, allowing you to maintain safety and control when necessary.
Which car is suitable for uneven surfaces or grass?
All three cars can handle a variety of surfaces. However, the BMW GT 6 M Sport, with its Plastic with GrippMoz™ Strip tyres, may offer better traction on certain surfaces compared to the EVA soft wheels of the BMW I8 and BMW I4.
Do any of the models offer Bluetooth connectivity for music?
Yes, the BMW I4 comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play your child's favourite tunes while they drive.
How long does it take to charge the battery on these cars?
The BMW I4, BMW I8, and BMW GT 6 M Sport typically require a charging time of approximately 8-12 hours. It's recommended to charge the battery fully before the first use for optimum performance.
What is the maximum weight these cars can support?
Each model can accommodate different weights. The BMW I4 and BMW I8 can safely support up to 30kg, while the BMW GT 6 M Sport can handle a maximum weight of 35kg.
Are there any unique safety features in these cars?
Yes, all three models are equipped with seat belts and an automatic brake system that activates when your child's foot is off the pedal. Additionally, the cars have a slow start function to ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration, reducing the risk of sudden jolts.
Can these cars be driven indoors, or are they only suitable for outdoor use?
While these cars are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it's important to have ample space when driving indoors to avoid accidents. The soft EVA tires on the BMW I4 and BMW I8 are well-suited for indoor flooring as they're less likely to leave marks compared to the GrippMoz™ Strip tyres of the BMW GT 6 M Sport.
Do these cars come with a warranty or return policy?
Yes, all three models come with a standard 6-Month warranty covering manufacturing defects. Be sure to check the warranty page for more details.

Conclusion: Your Adventure Awaits 🚀

Embark on this exciting journey by exploring the BMW I8, BMW I4, and BMW GT 6 M Sport at RiiRoo, and find the perfect ride for your young one. The adventure begins with just a ride away!

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