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RiiRoo 3 in One Bambi Kids Scooter In Blue

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Check out our latest scooter range, our RiiRoo Bambi 3 In One, 3 Wheeled Scooter in blue for kids. If you’re looking for a scooter for different ages of kids, then this is for you. The fact that the handlebars and seat are fully adjustable means you can adjust them up or down depending on the size of your kids.

Our little Bambi also has adjustable handlebars allowing it to grow with your child.

Here at RiiRoo, we’re all about keeping your child as safe as possible. That’s why each one of our Bambi scooters has a strong sturdy design made with lightweight alloy.

We’re not finished there.

If you check out the back of the scooter you’ll notice a handy back wheel brake. This ensures your kid is always in total control.

All they need to do is lightly press on the brake with their foot and the scooter will slow down depending on how much pressure is used.

This excellent safety system ensures that there aren’t any sudden movements or turns. This means your kid can still have a fun adventure while staying safe.

A Scooter Education

I bet you didn’t realise that your kids were learning while they were playing, did you?

Don’t worry, by learning we don’t mean some sort of serious study, we’re talking about learning how to keep their balance and learn how to deal with speed.

Believe it or not, every time they play with their new scooter, not only are they learning to balance, but they also improve their motor skills in the process.

Parent Perks

If you were wondering why we call this a 3-in-One, your kid can use the scooter with the seat, without the seat and when they’re finished you can remove the handlebars so it’s easy to pack away and store.

All of our ride on scooter come with a general 1 year warranty

Main Features:

  1. Made of premium materials
  2. Comfortable full-size seat
  3. Flexiboard™ Frame - sturdiest on the market
  4. Flexiboard™ deck - heavy duty
  5. Gripz™ - rubber handlebars
  6. Lean to steer technology
  7. LED light up wheels
  8. Heavy duty polyurethane wheels
  9. ABEC7 bearings
  10. Aged 2-12 years - let it grow with them
  11. Removable seat
  12. Foldable and adjustable
  13. Fold when not needed
  14. Adjust height - 2 levels

Scoot, Skid, and Speed Around on a RiiRoo Scooter!

If you think back to your own childhood. The days that you were outside playing with your friends often bring back fond memories.

We’re guessing that you imagined the same for your own kids, instead of them playing with video games and watching endless movies?

When you get to the stage of your kids begging you to stay out just a few more minutes, our job here at RiiRoo is done.

RiiRoo – The Outdoor Play Company that promotes tons of joy and excitement.

Designed for Any Age

Since both the handlebars and the seat are adjustable on the RiiRoo Bambi™, it means that if you have children of different age and size they all get to have a go zipping around since you can raise and lower the handlebars and seat as needed.

Don’t forget, as your kids grow, the scooter grows with them. That’s why it’s suitable for kids aged 2-12.

Pack, Play & Store Anywhere

It’s hard enough having to carry our kid's scooters, especially if you have more than one and unless you have a very large car, it is also difficult to store them if they don’t fold!

The RiiRoo Bambi™ 3-in-One Scooter can go from Standing to Folding in less time than it would take you to figure out which way to place a fully built scooter in a typical car.It’s super simple.

All you need to do is press the button on the handlebars, lift off and store it in a place of your choice. This means your kids can enjoy this great little toy anywhere you go.

Sit n’ Scoot or Stand n’ Skid

The fact this scooter has 3-in-One flexibility means your kids can either sit or scoot to their heart's delight.

If the older kids are feeling left out, simply fold up the seat and they can use it too.

This keeps everyone happy.

Note: Please ensure that your kids are always wearing a helmet when they are scooting around.

In the box

  • 1 x Scooter
  • 1 x Foldable Seat
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Simple tools for assembly


Max Height: 84cm
Max Width: 29cm
Max Length: 60cm
Folded Dimensions:
Length: 60cm
Width: 29cm
Height: 22cm
Scooter Weight: 1.9KG

Our Mission

​​​​​​​We RiiRoo, do sincerely swear that we are all about fun, kids, safety, adventure and the great outdoors.  It is our mission to extract children from LCD screens and get them out the house... even if it takes 12-volts to do it!

We source, supply and maintain a hand-picked roster of the most exciting, durable, safe and affordable ride-on toys for kids big and small.

We are a (grand)parent's secret weapon, an arsenal of the finest electric scooters, ride-on cars, jet-fighters, tractors, Segways, dirt-bikes, mini-motos, and petrol go-carts to suit budgets great and small.  We believe they'll thank us both when they're older!

RiiRoo™- Let's Roll!

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Customer Reviews

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