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A List of Kids Ride on Toy Retailers in the UK

A List of Kids Ride on Toy Retailers in the UK

Specialist Toy Stores Online/Offline

Adventure Toys

Adventure Toys is actually situated on a farm. They also sells toys. Looks like they have been around for a while and have some decent reviews. parents and kids on tablet

It looks like they dabble in quite a few different product categories.

Unfortunately, we don't have any more information on them.

Outdoor Toys

They have just been sold (2021) to an large European conglomerate. We believe the founder still steers the ship. They have a good range of ride on toys and they also sell a a lot of outdoor toys such as swings and slides, etc.

Here's a breakdown of some of their reviews this month.


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Hey, that's us ;)

We're the largest and fastest independent kids ride on toy retailer in the UK. By independent, we mean we're a family business with core family values.


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We are the only retailer on this list that actually specialise in ride on toys and have a customer service and after sales service specifically designed to help you with your choice of ride on and aftercare once you have had your new toy delivered.

Once you have purchased from us, you will receive a welcome email with video instructions on how to assemble your new toy.

Here's an example of what we send you once you decide to purchase from us.

Note: We often have ride on toy sales, offers, discounts and coupons available each month. Simply check back to see the offers.


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Smyths Toys

The largest independent toy shop in the UK. They have over 200 stores and they also sell online too.

Out of all of the retailers on this list. You'll likely recognise Smyths as the main toy retailer in the UK.

Here's a breakdown of some of their reviews this month.

Large Stores and Supermarkets:

Large stores and supermarkets don't really specialise in ride on toys. They are simply an add-on to the other products they sell.

This means their staff don't have the product knowledge and if things go wrong the will unlikely offer to repair the product.

They display a lot of the less powerful toys that run on 6V and collectively ship millions of these types of toys.

In most cases "some" of these large companies will drop ship. This means they will display the products on their website, but, they don't actually hold stock of them.

Fulfillment is normally carried out by a fulfillment centre and oftentimes by the Chinese manufacturer that also happens to have a few warehouses here in the UK.

Note: Not all operate on this type of dropship basis, but most do.






Robert Dyas

The Range



Third Party Sellers

Third party basically means that independent sellers have the ability to list the products on these websites. You are not their customer, but a customer of the larger third party entity such as Amazon and eBay for example.



Top of the Range

These retailers tend to display the more expensive ride on toys.



The Smaller Players

These are other online stores that sell ride on toys too!


Big Jigs Toys

Kid Car Shop

Kids Cars Direct

Kids Electric Cars


Outside Play

RC Hobbies

Ricco & TurboKidz

Ride on Cars

Ride on Warehouse


The Toy Shop

Titan Toys