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What Accessories Should I Buy for My Ride on Toy?

What Accessories Should I Buy for My Ride on Toy?

If you are looking to purchase ride-on toy accessories for your child, there is a lot of different options.

You can find everything from helmets and seat belts to steering wheels and horns.

With so many choices, it might be hard to figure out what you need the most.

When considering ride-on toys, we recommend that parents focus first on safety accessories like seat belts and helmets.

Battery Warranty

If you're looking to purchase a kid's ride-on toy (especially an electric one with a battery) be sure to ask about the battery warranty.

If you're buying a ride-on toy with a battery, it'll need regular maintenance and charging - so make sure part of your purchase includes replacement batteries.

This is often misunderstood by many customers. However, a battery warranty is a valuable protection plan that will help to minimize the amount of money you need to spend in the long run.

Some batteries can cost up to £100 to replace, and while there are a few manufacturers that offer free battery replacements for a specific period of time, this isn't always the case.

Ride-on toy warranties are generally for motors only and don't normally cover the battery, so make sure you know what type of warranty you're buying.

If your ride-on toy has an electric motor then it will need regular maintenance and charging - including possible replacement depending on use.

Dust and Rain Cover

The first thing you will want to do when you purchase a ride-on toy is buy the dust and rain cover. This will protect your ride-on toy from any kind of weather conditions, like dust or rain.

Note: The ride-on toy needs a good cover to protect it from dust and rain, but we don't recommend leaving your toy outside when raining.

Since most toys have some form of electrical component, water and electricity are not a good combination.

It will also preserve the life of your ride-on toy, allowing you to use it for a long time without any damage.

You can purchase these covers separately or in packages that include other accessories Leather-Style Seats or Soft EVA Tyres.

The dust and rain cover will keep the ride-on toy from getting dirty during playtime by blocking dirt particles and eliminating contact with water.

It should fit snugly over the toy and also cover the wheels.

Most covers are designed to be removed for playtime and then put back on when not in use.

USB Sticks

A few ride-on toys already come equipped with their own media centre that has preset music. However, some parents may want a more practical ride on toy accessories such as USB sticks so their child can plug in other digital devices to keep them entertained.

Before you purchase a ride-on toy, ensure it has a separate USB port so you are able to plug in a USB stick.

The great thing is, you use them in your ride-on toys as well as your laptops and PCs.

Before you use a USB stick purchased from a retailer, you may need to format it so it is compatible with your ride-on toy. After you have done that you should be good to go.

Bluetooth Adapter

First off, what is a  Bluetooth adapter?

A Bluetooth adapter is an electronic device that allows wireless connection to other devices.

This is useful for ride-on toys because it means your child can play their favourite songs from a phone or tablet, and you don't need to worry about them getting tangled in wires while driving the car around.

Another cool advantage of Bluetooth adapters is that you can use your ride on toy's speakers to produce music from other devices.

The size of these adapters is usually around the size of a car key remote, so they don't take up too much space.

When you purchase these adapters for your ride-on toy, look out for ones that are compatible with your device's Bluetooth version.

The ones we sell at RiiRoo are equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, so they're compatible with just about any device.

When you purchase a ride-on toy for your child, the last thing you want is to buy something that will only be used once or twice and then gather dust in their room.

Buying an adapter from RiiRoo ensures your child can enjoy their ride-on toy for years to come.

Assembly Service

Most ride-on toys are relatively straightforward to put together, however,  there are some models that may require an assembly service.

RiiRoo offers a professional and reliable assembly service for your ride-on toy. You will have the option to pay extra at checkout to have your ride-on toy assembled by our team of experts.

Check out our article: How Long Does it Take to Assemble a Ride-on Car?

If you're not sure which assembly service is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

We can help you decide which is the best option for assembling your ride-on toy, or if you prefer to do it yourself we will send instructions in advance so you know what's involved.

Note: Most of the ride-ons we sell at RiiRoo provide a comprehensive assembly video after purchase. It is emailed to you a few days after purchase.

They are also accompanied by written instructions.

We decided to produce these for our customers since the manufacturer's instructions aren't always clear.

RiiRoo Driving Test and Driving License Kit

There are not many retailers that sell a driving test and license kit for ride-on toys.

RiiRoo is proud to be the only retailer that sells a complete package and it has proved to be really popular with parents and grandparents alike.

The driving test and license kit include a Driving Test, Pass Certificate, Driving License.

Each item is made from high-quality paper with a laminated cover for protection.

This is the perfect gift to make any child's day :)

Soft EVA Tyres

A lot of ride-on toys come with GrippMoz™ Strip Tyres.

GrippMoz™ Strip Tyres are a rubber strip product that is fitted to the ride-on toy and stops it from rubbing on indoor floors. They are found running down the middle of a plastic tyre.

However, you do have the choice of upgrading to Soft EVA Tyres.

Soft EVA Tyres are softer and help make the ride of your toy smoother. A smoother ride makes the experience much more enjoyable for the rider.

The great thing is, they're not too expensive to buy.

Leather Style Seats

The vast majority of ride-on toys come with plastic seats. However, you can also upgrade to leather-style seats.

The ride-on toy with a leather-style seat will be more comfortable and also look nicer than one with plastic seats.

The metal frame of the saddle is not as noticeable when it's covered in faux leather upholstery, which makes for a better experience overall.

Note: The material is not real leather.


The vast majority of ride-on toys already come with seat belts and harnesses. However, you should always make sure that your ride-on toy has the proper safety features before purchasing it.

A seatbelt or a harness will keep your child safe when riding on their new toy because they'll be strapped in securely with the belt going over their tummy so that there's no risk to them.

Even though most of the toys don't go that fast, it's still a good idea to use a seatbelt or harness because it will protect them if they're traveling over bumpy terrain.


Depending on the ride-on toy you purchase, you may or may not have the option to purchase a helmet.

If your ride-on toy has a seatbelt, then you will be able to wear a helmet while riding it- this is highly recommended for safety reasons and best practice.

Unfortunately, some models do not come with helmets as an accessory but they can often be bought separately from the retailer.

So why buy a helmet? - The helmet will protect your head from bumps and scrapes while riding the ride-on toy.

Among other things, helmets will offer protection in case of an accident or fall on a hard surface (e.g.: asphalt).

Helmets are typically made out of vinyl material with foam padding to make them comfortable for kids to wear for hours.


Not as popular but they can still be purchased separately from the retailer, gloves can be great for kids to wear when riding their ride-on toy.

This is helpful because it will protect your child's hands in case of an accident or fall on a hard surface (e.g.: asphalt).

Gloves are typically made out of vinyl material with foam padding to make them comfortable.

They are used specifically for quads, dirt bikes, or mini bikes.

There are a variety of helmets available for you to purchase, so it is important that you match the helmet with the ride-on toy your child will be riding before purchasing one online


Again, not a popular accessory but one you can purchase separately from the retailer, goggles can be good for kids to wear when riding their ride-on toy.

Goggles are typically made out of plastic material. Goggles will protect your child's eyes if they are traveling at speed from different bits of debris that could come flying at them at speed such as small stones or dust.

Not just that, but they look cool, too!


Depending on the type of ride-on toy you purchase, you may want to buy some practice cones for your child to practice driving in the house or outside.

Cones typically come in a pack of five and will help drivers learn how to judge distances, brake at speed, turn sharper without swerving off course, and ride through turns more smoothly with better control.

This will help with both hand and eye coordination.

Wrapping Up

When you're buying a ride-on toy, it's important to know what accessories come with the product and which ones can be added later.

A ride-on toy is a big investment for parents, so it's important to take care of your purchase and keep it in good condition.

We hope this article has helped you determine which accessories are best for your child’s new ride-on toy and how to get the most out of them.

If you have any questions about our products or want more information feel free to reach out by visiting our website at or email us at

Happy riding!

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